We want to Interview you.


Time to turn the spotlight to our audience:)

If you recently watched a movie and checked out the credits you likely noticed the list of industry artists it takes to finish a film these days is staggering. There are 100’s of artists I recognize from working with. I’m sure it’s a similar experience for many of our users here. Many of the artists are the same individuals doing interviews, posting tutorials, traveling the globe, doing workshops, events, and cons or simply being a leader in the community volunteering their time, Things at this stage that really should be covered in art schools these days… Why do it, When to do it, and ways to do it right. For every one of these artists, there are 1000’s that are doing amazing work outside of the spotlight. If that sounds like YOU! We want to know more about YOU!. It is not about being a rockstar or attention but rather giving back, progressing pipelines and skill sets and giving yourself a better seat at the negotiation table. We want to find out what you are up to, from students to working professionals.

Every week while at studios I meet some exceptional artist that leaves me inspired that I’ve never heard of or happened across online. The ones I find most fun are the ones that make me want to pick up a skill I don’t have. Riot has Brilliant 2d effects animators that make you wonder how there can only be 2 or 3 books on the subject!!! A familiar artist that had this impact is Andrew Kramer makes me wish I spent time in after effects instead of Maya. They also leave you wondering how many amazing artists are doing cool things that don’t take the time to post online or show up to events? Some Compositers I’ve met have left me wishing I could steal their magic. I never had the desire to be a rigger, but sit down with some passionate, skilled, rigger with his/her rig and you won’t only want to learn rigging but likely wish you could animate. Modeling is rewarding but I have to admit once an asset is complete it remains lacking to me until someone else picks up and does something cool with it! I think as a student that’s one paramount piece of advice is stop working on projects/assets in isolation and find some other like-minded artist to tackle the task together with. Very few pieces are delivered with the only signature on it. Many artists I know are shy of taking credit for their roll as it takes a village to create a shot and no one wants to be the one to say I DID THAT when the whole team ran a relay race to get it to the finish line.

Where CGS wants to help is to meet those of you that haven’t taken credit or simply don’t have time, or the care about putting yourself out there./ maybe you don’t have a personal portfolio or skill you think others are interested in. Maybe you think no one cares about how you changed the lighting in a car commercial or composited a set extension. Well, we do and with so much attention online for concept and modeling we want to see more of the professional world and artists take some credit and show us the interesting parts beyond these departments. If you are a student starting out, bring us to class we can have a conversation or simply share your portfolio and experience. If you are a pro we would love to see what it is your passionate about or the work side or a play industry to help others have a better perspective. We are actively working to bring more studio experiences and content but the content we are most excited about is those artists that have’nt used there voice yet to share their world and experience

For any Professional or Student simply Contact me with a private message or post a reply here tell us where you are located and we will look at a time to be able to feature you in a video interview locally or write up for the cover.

Local interviews will be held in California only until August We will be branching out to Europe, South America, and Australia in the months following Please don’t hesitate to ask for those in other locations pending schedules we have exceptions

MAY/JUNE and July we will be in visiting studios and artist from San Franisico to San Diego and in between so this is a great chance to jump in and show us what you are up to.

Lighting/Compositers/Riggers/Animators/Layout/Programing/Management/Producers Esports, you name it. We are interested.

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