We proudly announce: VRAYforC4d 1.0


Dear Cinema 4d Users,

as promised i will announce release 2 weeks prior here:

the wait is almost over, we can proudly announce an official release date:

Our product VRAYforC4D 1.0 will be released on monday the 17th September 2007
for osx and win:-)

Some organisational things:
the PPC version we will have to deliver probably a bit later, hopefully not too long, also 64 bit versions. As we have many many preorders the process of registering and delivering will take some time, please understand.

Best Regards
Stefan Laub


Congratulations Stefan, to you and all the people that helped you accomplishing this, it’s been a long journey but i’m sure it’ll give both you and the C4D community lots of satisfactions. You had a problem and worked hard to solve it, instead of waiting and complaining, congrats again.

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thanks to all the crew, you did a great job :buttrock:, c4d users will be delighted i think :applause:


Great news and congratulations! :thumbsup:



Congrats Stefan and others. You boys sure worked hard, from the looks of things. Can’t wait to be globally illuminated :wink:



So no turning back now, there is a releasedate! Very well done you all!!
Can’t wait to see the first threead with new renders (and off course my own :slight_smile: ).



cgWonder will come! :slight_smile:


Hi Stefan - congrats too all involved from me too. Can you enlarge on how the product will integrate into C4D? Specifically, as there’s an OSX version, how I would go about using VRAY on OSX. I’ve seen the thread on the development, but it’s a bit too long to read right through…


Ah yeah, congratulations to the team!


Congratulations to all crew. In particular a big thanks to Renato and Daniele.

This is really an amazing integration job.


thank God! for the release and for the fact that i no longer have to track the longest thread EVER!

well done team, this will be an amazing amazing thing for the c4d world.

i know a half dozen people here in Portland who would no longer be using c4d if it weren’t for news of this development.

hats off, and i hope you make a small fortune!


Awesome guys…
Can’t wait to check it out.
Don’t get so rich that you retire :slight_smile:


fantastic news. Fantastic.


I’ve gone through that thread and I can tell you: VRAY is now native OSX. Seamless within C4D (not a bridge) and a very userfriendly workflow. There are some video’s available to demonstrate that (don’t have the links now). Dive into that thread or wait and see :slight_smile:



Ummm - that’s fairly huge, isn’t it?


I was just trying to be helpfull.
Found this video just jumping through a few pages. There are more videos on workflow so maybe some of the devs can post the links again.



Sorry! I meant that the news was huge - not the thread :wink: I had no idea that the renderer would be OSX native. That changes a lot for me. Thanks for the info and the link.


Fantastic! And great joy on the OS X version.

Now stupid question:

What do I have to buy to run this on OS X? Just the bridge or VRAY separately?




there’s no such product as Vray for OS X.
Vray4C4D is a complete solution that includes the Vray render engine and the C4D integration. It is 100% integrated in C4D like any other module, and it runs on Win & OS X. The stated price includes both and you can’t buy them separately (at least for OS X).

is this right Stefan?


Gratulations! It came a long way.

And yes, it’s a single product. I asked a while before if I can use the VRay part also for Rhino or Max… But it is a single C4D centric product. To use VRay on another System than C4D it requires the procurement of that specific VRay release for that System.