we proudly announce: (VRAY for CINEMA 4D)



from what i undestand vrays gi engine is quite different to all others.
the IR Map for the secondary GI doesnt make sense for some technical reason, as far as i understood it.

a good and effective mixture is IR +QMC or IR & Lightcache p.e.
the special quality in Vray comes through combining different gi methods ( like biased & unbiased p.e.). this gives very high realism near physical correctness at very good speed.

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I gave the Vray docs a look and it seems its irradiance method is both quite particular and quite normal. Basically it computes a few prepasses with different resolutions, assigning draft samples to the simple areas (like large walls) and precise ones to difficult areas like corners and such. In this sense it’s adaptive.
I also had a look at Cebas’ new fR aQMC, i checked the vids on the Cebas usa website and… it seems identical to Vray’s irradiance, the settings are the same (also aQMC in fR can’t be used for secondary bounces either, you have to use QMC or lightmaps). I guess they cloned Vray’s irradiance.


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Hi thirdeye, i am no techical specialist.
just what i heard rom the specialists:

FR and others methods looks similar but are different. a lot of engines try to mimic vrays methods, i think none yet really does exact the same as vray ( maybe modo, i am not sure, at least they use the name). also the way they combine 2 methods is special.

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actually vray has one other little trick up it’s sleeve, you can use light cache for primary AND secondary GI and set it so that it calaculates for an unbiased render, similar to maxwell, fprime etc

You let the render go untill you are happy with the result i am giving it a test later today when i get my hands on a vray machine


At least there’s not something relative about the time here: The fact that it’s September!!!:bounce:

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the month we are going to have Vray in our hands?


By the way, no pressure Vray4C4D team


Hi Stefan,

I always leave everything to the last minute but I have just a few final questions while I still have a chance at the preorder price.

Could you please confirm that 64 bit will be deffinitely be in an update if not in the first release.

What about distributed rendering of single frames? Is this in the initial release? If not is it coming “soon”? Will it use Maxon NetRender or it’s own system like Cebas FR2?

Are there any aspects of VRayForC4D that will be missing compared to (for example) the Max version. This is not a big deal but it would be nice to know now to avoid any misunderstanding later.

Finally - In VRay 1,5 there are some native shaders such as FastSSS and Dirt. Are these included? Maybe these aren’t too important.



I know that dirt-mat = same AO(more “simple” than cinema4d, but needs some skills to make it more “native” in Max)


hi Philhole:

a 64 bit version i splanned for an update and promised by vlado, yes.

dr is already in works and will be in next update 1.1, it uses vrays system (not cebas),
you directly see the distributed buckets in the viewport, that is not possible in net.
in 1.0 you can distribute single frames via net as a first step, and also animation. this works as known from net. so at the end you will have both systems.

we use c4d shaders not max or vrayshaders, in an update 1.1. it is planned to add vrayshaders to the c4d shaders. you can use c4d sss, and c4d ao p.e.(you can use 95% of the c4d shaders and most 3rd party shaders).

the maxversion is maxspecific, we tried to be very c4d specific, so some parts are just different.

one thing that will be added also in update 1.1 or 1.2 is vray proxies.



Which shaders are you planning to include in the 1.1 update. Will sub pixel displacement be included in Vray 1.0. Also is there a way to use the vray material to create car paint shaders, that is a surface that has a laquer effect?



most vray shaders are not so interesting as they have similar or better solution in the c4d shaders. the c4d shaders are much more powerfull in most cases.
but we plan will make all available as option. nice is vrayfur, or fast sss p.e…
also we will support several blendshaders.

yes subpixel displacment is already in 1.0, it is much faster than AR.

yes the vray brdf is very powerfull. you have 5 specular and glossy layers for ultimate carpaint possibities:-) also you can use c4d lumas in vraybrdf!- we support it:-)



Hi Stefan,

I personally think that Vray shaders such as displacement grass and architectural glass are great, not easy to replace with C4D ones. So I was wondering if the first release will come with at least these two?

If VrayforC4D does not come with them:

  1. How difficult would it be to create said shaders by comparing the settings with the original Max based shaders?
  2. Would we get them in some sample scenes done by you or a third party?




Hi diegoto,
You missunderstood something,
dont mix up shaders and materials!

vrayforc4d comes with the vraymaterial (not the c4d material)! we even have a bit more powerfull incarnation to our opinion than the max one, ours uses all features of vray, some are hidden in max.

so you can make the same glass, same grass displacment, Volume refraction, Translucency etc. like in maxvray, but in ADDITION you have all c4d shaders like c4dnoise, layershader etc…

i spoke from vray& max shaders, like fresnel,noise etc. C4d has much better things here like the c4d noise, the layer shader, the other proceduals…here we decided to support the more powerfull c4d system instad of the vray/max system.



That’s great news Stefan! Thanks for your time



Is there any news on the release date yet???


Maybe the preorder end post should appear in mainforum, or is that not allowed?
I’m sure some visitors will miss that thread completely now…
Just a thought.



see my other post in this forum;-)


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