We need more blender users here


We need to get some more blender users here. If you know anyone who uses it, try to get them to sign up. Im trying to get some my friends to join to. Maybe I can get the word out @ elysiun or something. Got a ton of blender users there.

Well, if u have any more ideas just post 'em. :buttrock:


Hi, I’m always there. I visite cgtalk as often as elysiun. Alsmost always at the same time too.
The fact is, The english blender community is @ elysiun. And anyway pp at cgtalk is kind of alergic to blender traffic. Some post, it ok, but too much and Flame war often start. I for myself just visit for artwork, for lost blender user, and for CGnews.


Yea i think I see waht u mean. But i think if we can get some people posting some of the best art on elysiun, peolpe will start to notice. But whatever, at least we a HAVE a forum. :hmm:


just to let you know i am reading along. got to say i use elysiun.com the most.

As a newbie i like watching the WIP and finished work here on cgtalk. The general texturing and modelling forums are good as well.


I just this that the poblem on elysiun is :
People on elysiun post wip but not professionnal and not very complete (when they are finished). I mean that textures and lights are not very worked …

I will trying to make that french blender users come here (i will be difficult …)
(Sorry for my english)


lurking as always :slight_smile:


Hey Zen. :scream:


well at least we do not see that many questions like
“how do I skrew” :stuck_out_tongue: or “what is python”


LOL, I had never come across of such basic question. Thanks God for that !!!

However, I have a collection of ¨How to put a background picture?¨ questions :smiley:


background picture? :shrug:

since when is that possible?

well I don´t want to take the piss, but sometimes it´s a little xz?%@.
I mean we all started once and I´m far from being a “know it all”, and yes sometimes we all have questions, and that what a forum is there for, isn´t it?! But I do remamber about at least 50 questions in different forums on how to set the python-path for example and other repeated real (exuse me) dummass-questions :slight_smile: …search function seems to be chineese for some…
(well the search engine at blender.org is “a little” weak, and at elysiun…“unstable” would be the right word :wink: , but most basic functions are covered with loads of threads


oohh since 2.3 yes and its more than before yes
but there also :

where i can find doc about yafray
what is AO


I know this is really an elysiun blender general Q but since im here, how do u convert a Curve to a Mesh? I got it once but I forgot it. :sad:

Thanks a lot,



what is a curve?


Alt + c

it’s like text to curve and also subsurf to mesh :slight_smile:


Oh ok, thanks a lot. :buttrock:


oh sorry man , I thought you where kidding :hmm:


I’ve been here for a while now.

I actually like the responses I get here better then over at elysiun, even if they are few and far between, they are more critical and to the point. I get a real feeling of belonging to an actual group of artists here.



You know what would be awesome? If we could get @ndy to hang out around this forum… just imagine how ¨deep-n-to-the-point¨ his answers would be !!! :slight_smile:


?! No… “we should get Gr8Hamster over here cause he da man”… :stuck_out_tongue: fine… I’ll just crash this thread then! LoL

But yea, me thinks we should get the ppl that do the good work, to post their stuff over here after everyone says it’s good work.
We should make them the “unofficial spokepeople” of blender… LoL
be all… post that over at cgtalk dude. and they do… and BAM!! we convert another maya user or something! LoL


I just found out that @ndy is actually posting on this forum. Look the “rendering help” for an example.


BTW, welcome gr8hamster !!