"We named the dog Indiana" Realtime Character, Jon Berry (3D)


Title: “We named the dog Indiana” Realtime Character
Name: Jon Berry
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hey guys

Been working on this guy for a while now, really glad to finally get it posted!

All screengrabbed in Max with the Xoliul 1.6 Shader and all textures are hand painted.

Hope you like it.


Here are a few more shots.

Larger versions can be found in my portfolio. Not quite sure why you cant click these to enlarge them.



Nice work - lots of detail and great textures, it shows that you’ve put a lot of effort into this. :applause:

I’d love to see him rendered with some scenic backgrounds!


Very cool work. Excellent likeness. :thumbsup:


awesome work, well done!


Very impressive sculpting and shading work. The resemblance is very good!

Cobra 6


Cool man! Looks awesome, I love it! How many polys is the low-poly mesh?


amazing work. you ve captured harrison’s likeness really well. :bowdown:


Hi, nice creation! The detail is extremely well done, but, i think it is very flat. I know its realtime but it would be nice if you posted a complete rendering.


just amazing mate! good wok
best regards


That’s a bloody perfect character mate.Congrats!
Any plans of an illuminated rendered version?


Excellent work! The likeness is spot-on, and the modeling/texture work and attention to detail is astounding. All it really needs is some better lighting and shaders to really make it pop.


WOW! Awesome likeness! I like the texture very much.


Very nice work.
Posted it on my blog.


Thank you all, really appreciate it!

The model in total, with all his gear is about 33k. I was imagining Indy as if he’d stepped out of a modern popular action adventure title :slight_smile: so I went with a poly count that matches.

I would defiantly like to go back and render him with a bit more flare but at the moment I’m currently taken what I learn’t and starting a fresh character.


Looking at my website the other day, I realised I had missed out one of my images… the shaded, flat painted diffuse and wire figure shot. Ive updated my first reply with that image and moved a few of the ZBrush sculpt shots to this reply.


Awesome… :slight_smile:


Great piece of work!! n great detailing…congrats Jon :beer:


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