we are not alone 2, damien canderle (3D)


pfff, même plus drôle… :slight_smile:


Oh I understand with zbrush I can make only ugly monsters, old people and again …uGGGly monsters
I am bored how long people like you(with your talent) will make thouse things. If I’ll want to
pull out my diner I will go to trash yard and eat something from there. PEOPLE I WANT TO SEE ART THAT BRINGS LIFE


Great job ! The alien rabbit is really amazing, skin and material effects are too much !

Totalement “répugnant” le lapin écorché ! Quoique
préparé avec des petits lardons et du vin blanc


look forward zbrush3’s coming


love the textures and details

awesome work


yeah! amazing textures. well done mate!:bowdown:


i can only agree with all said above … so great


Holy Potatoes. Thats amazing piece of art.



You have created a Star ***** auper render dude i like the expression it has as for the rest techs everyone has already said n i will say it onemore time dude good job keep those aliens comin:scream: :bounce:


Cool, so many details, great textures, nice artwork! :thumbsup:


Amazing creation… 5 stars from me:thumbsup:


when i see 4 stars on such renders it just rubs me the wrong way! Amazing work,speachless!


Really awesome work. I love the eyes.

This fellow looks very old. Maybe some three hundred years?

I’d like to see a young version and maybe a family posing for a photo op in front of some cool backdrop. :slight_smile:


Woa… that is one creepy alien :surprised

I dont want to bump with that in the night.

Excellent work, congrats :buttrock:


ça pete bravo! :thumbsup:


Ears are so pink that they look like have been attached to head…

but everything else is great nothing to say.


This is what you’d get if you crossed a cat with a human.

Really nice modeling and render!


Excellent work!


Are you sure not to have photographed him?:eek:
Absolutely stunning work!:thumbsup:



since i see you work,i sunddened vrey much,how did you have such a idea,i think that when you did it,you brain must be always at vrey clear simple way,not so conplicate look as the final work,am i right?