we are not alone 2, damien canderle (3D)


Title: we are not alone 2
Name: damien canderle
Country: France
Software: Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

this is a work i did while beta testing Zbrush3. i tried to make another alien using some of the new features. i wanted to make it as real as i could.
modeling and texture done in Zbrush3
render in vray, postwork in photoshop


why the hell has this got no comments! its awesome.really well done,materials and texture are spot on.modelling/sculpting too.
5 stars *****


If they used this Alien in the movie Signs, it would’ve rocked that much more!

Excellent lighting… looks like he’s walking down the street in broad daylight. :thumbsup:


Wooow !

It really is a good job man!

Really, great work !:thumbsup:



Anyway, great shader and render.


Oh boy the texturing is just fantastic :thumbsup:. Great modelling dude. Its almost looking like that alien is alive and really exists somwehere in world. Awesome work. :eek:


great work, as i said in the other forum, i really like what u did with the background, fits the character well.


Now i know that we re not alone. Compliments, it’s all impressive. :eek:


Shaders and textures are just amazing… Really good job :thumbsup:


THIS IS FAKE! This is not a render… it’s a photo… :wink:


wow… best of the best. Excellent modelling, textures and lighting. 5 Stars!



Wow awesome modeling and
phantastic textures (shaders)
I don´t whant to meet one of
those… ha ha… Good work!


Looks amazing! I just saw this on the zbrush forum. Nice job! I think if I ran into this thing in the woods, I’d crap my pants.


I really like the texture and you painted it very well. Great job.


top quality shading! great design and execution.


im speechless…
simply a perfect image, ***** stars from me
Well done!


Very, very good!!!:thumbsup:



Once again… It’s perfect!


great job!
Looking forward Zbrush 3.


:thumbsup: modeling,texturing,lighthing,rendering,Really very good job.perfect you.