Wayne's Free Zbrush Hair to Spline 3dmax plugin


Wayne’s Free Zbrush Hair to Spline 3dmax plugin


This is as special thanks to zb users for being considerate about the recent free mudbox videos. Knocked it in an hour tonight …available at link given. It works fast and in a single click…and its free.



Shit Wayne, you cant stop giving. :slight_smile:

I bet that other guy is a bit pissed seeing as he is charging for it. Couldn’t knock out one for C4D could you? :wink:


Doubtful as my knowledge of coding in C4d is about the same as my ancient greek…very very limited lol. I wasn’t aware anyone was until I read your comment… still though it was only an hours worth of dicking around to make this, so not exactly worth charging for in my opinion. (I’d hinted at making this back when they 1st mentioned hair in zb…so should still be on my twitter stream along with how I was going to do it…although you’d have to wade through alot of crap of mine to find it probably lol.)




Awesome, thanks very much for the tool… much appreciated!




This is very generous of you. Thank you.


Thanks as always mate.


Very generous of you, many thanks! :slight_smile:
Any chance you could wip up a Maya version?



Hi Wayne,

 Thanks for this - it prompted me to finally give fibre mesh a go! Unfortunately the script has a couple of problems, mainly that it doesn't generate the splines in the centre of the geometry (not a big deal) and it leaves an extra edge at the base of each hair. 
 Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I've had a crack at my own version which should speed things up a little & hopefully address the above two little niggles.
 I'm by no means a coder & it didn't take me long so this is bound to be improved by someone who actually knows what they're doing :)


Wayne, you alright. :smiley:


much good karma! Humble thanks (again)


People may want to trim down the amount of Splines as the fibermesh can come through with a lot of detail - so this quicky will halve the amount.

(You should be able to change the by -2 to -3, -4 etc to take away a third or quarter.)


fn deleteSplines sp  =
   num = numsplines sp

	for i = num to 1 by -2 do
		 deletespline sp i

	updateshape sp
 deleteSplines $ 


Mr. Wayne,


Just seconding the previous gentleman’s inquiry (request) about a version for C4d and Maya.
Are you down for a similar hair to spline script for those apps? Would be more advantageous than me having to get 3ds Max just for that. :buttrock:

Very curious.



For a Maya version in Python-format check here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=7231786#post7231786



Thanks for the script!

Unfortunately I’m getting the following error:

" MAXScript MacroScript Error Exception: – Unknown property: “setRingShift” in $selection <<

Any idea why? I’m running Max 2011 x64 and I just updated with all the SPs and everything, but it still fails :argh:


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