Way u like 3ds max ..... ???


After seeing alote of things not created with 3d max like Lord of the ring 2 towers “Goulm” wich I like the most (by maya ) and some work of Soft image XSI work its great !!! what is that
not saying any thing about Lightwave
well Ilike 3d max cuz its easy to learn and flixable and I see a great work done with it but not like this thing I said about
by the way max is my choise

Do u realy think that the 3ds max is the most powerfull 3d graphic program and way yes and way not ?? :slight_smile:

Cuz this thread contain opinion from mixed users using different apps I made this post here


I’m going to avoid the flame war if possible, but where did you hear that 3DStudio Max is the most powerful 3d graphic program? I would be willing to bet that it was on a Discreet advert.


Okay… 10 to 1 odds this thread will be closed within the next hour. Who’s up for a wager?:smiley:


hi I didn’t said that 3ds max is the most powerfull program i say If u like it then way ?? If not way too

any way u didn’t hit the point :shame:


Id have to bribe the mods to keep it alive for another hour erilaz :slight_smile:


This is just asking for trouble. :rolleyes: You might have good intentions but threads like these invariably become software bitch-fests.

It’s cliche, but it’s the user, not the program. I’d rather not use max, but if I had to it wouldn’t really affect the quality of my work, it’d still be ME creating stuff.

Do I think max is the most “powerful” program (whatever that means)? No.


we dont do any COMPARE here
and I don’t say I like 3ds max Cuz he is funny or somthing :scream:
mercy plz


I like Max´s modifier stack thingie, it´s FUN! :wink:

Woo-hoo! Managed to post before the thread was locked.:beer:


I use max as my weapon of choice, but it has faults. Many in fact. I don’t think it is by any degree the best program, nor do I think it is the worst. I like it. I also like Wings3d!

Looks at watch

Max is good though.

Looks at watch again


its realy great u know I think max mapping system is cool and easy
thx for u man:)


This is just begging to be closed. Sorry DoLeePoZ but this thread is a one way ticket to flamesville.