Waterworld, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Waterworld
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop, ZBrush

This one makes use of many of the same elements from my last gallery submission.though going for a much brigher mood

modelled in 3dmax & Rendered using finalRender…I spent a while playing around with the final render passes in Photoshop.
I used Zbrush to detail the pilings(the wood sticking out of the water)…& for shaping the gargoyle heads.
total scene polycount is well over a million polys…those palm trees are heavy :
the plants are a mix of x-frog plants & some instanced coconut palms exported out of Vue infinite.

thanks for viewing.



Wow! Really beautiful work. Even better than your walled city. You are truly a master. I also enjoy the way you show details and linework. Look forward to your next image or tutorial.


completly amazing!! … I love it … 5 stars for me.


Phantastic mood! I love it…
Great feeling of space and
depth… Great work!
4 stars!


wonderful piece


WOW! :eek: WOW!


Fantastic work! Great job all around…from texturing to lighting to style.


Hey Morrell, great work! Was just wondering if you could share some of your preproduction work and info with us? Did you gather some reference? What about the overall layout - love the shot composition, did you know where it was going before you touched max?



Great Job ! you work fast!


hey guys…thanks for the comments!..I’ve worked on this off & on for a month now & am pleased to see it finished.

Matt…I had a fairly solid idea of what the composition & color scheme would be,the composition was laid out in thumbnail sketches,I wanted these layered buildings to be in a tropical scene with fresh colors,most of the time in this one was spent on lighting & testing the displacement,water & caustics(my first time using caustics & sadly it didn’t look as good as expected so I didn’t bother using the caustic pass in the final comp)
reference for the buildings ,just like my previous images are inspired by old Kowloon city.



fantastic work…I love it.5 stars…


finished very fast,fantastic work,I like your style and mood.:thumbsup:


simply awesome


hey man looks 5 stas from me

tell us more about your studio how u made it looks amazing 4 showing works


OMG… what a details and atmosphere! Awesome render!! amazing work and design!


my god!! it’s mind blowing, to say the least!!

can you tell your system specifications?


You r the best! great job! …relax, don’t work hard! :eek: :thumbsup:


I like ur creative details in ur works.


:eek:Awesome, man! Absolutely awesome.


As I said on your portfolio, this picture is f#*%§ great !
does it smell another award ?