Watership Chase , Pawel Adamajtis (3d)


Title: Watership Chase

Name: Pawel Adamajtis

These two lonely rabbits are looking for escape. Help them find way out from this muddle!
Project created in Maya, rendered with Arnold, ZBrush for sculpting. I also used Mari, Nuke and Photoshop for composition. I created it from scratch and inspiration was great Illustrator Nikolai Lockertsen.


Magnificent Art Work. Mysteriously Splendid. It Is My Pleasure To Be Your Follower And Liker


Great expressions!..and love the environment. That one at the back needs a sit down and cup of tea!


Awesome work! Like the atmosphere and colors! Congrats!


Great artwork PaweĊ‚!
have you done polypaint in zbrush?


thank you :slight_smile: all textures were done in Mari. I use zbrush just for sculpting


Incredible work. Amazing.


superb work.


Thank you Bro :slight_smile: