watercoolers, for the computer?


I was wondering if watercoolers are just as good as fans?

Are watercoolers worth the investment if building a new workstation?


You mean one of these?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I understand it, water cooling can be a little bit more effective than fans, but neither will get your components below room temperature. What you’re paying for with water cooling, is silence, not effectiveness. So if you can tolerate the noise, I’d say go with fans. If you want it quiet and really cold, go with one of them funky refrigeration units (that cost an arm and a leg).

(Someone correct me if I’m wrong about water).


Hey LoTekk I was waiting for someone to do that. Well the prices for these watercoolers aren’t that bad. Here is a link I stumbled on while I was searching for watercoolers.


This website has great deals on computer parts too! :thumbsup:

Is the watercooler more sufficient as in cooling the processor down? It is using coolant so I would assume that it drop signaficantly in temp than it would with a fan.


As far as I understand it, water kits don’t actually use any form of coolant; just plain (distilled) water. The stuff that uses refrigerants are different animals altogether, if I’m not mistaken. Again, I could be wrong. Try www.frozencpu.com for cooling solutions. They have a wide range of stuff.


they are supposed to be much more efficient than fans and very quiet and peaceful. But i would be very careful when fitting one yourself. Personally i dont like the idea of water and electricity mixing


i am a watercooling fan

very very powerful cooling (the worst watercooler is like 3 times more powerful than the best air cooler)
you can make it inaudible (passive system or with qiet fans that run with 5V and a quiet pump)

not cheap
you need some know how (not too much though)

you can put your whole pc in distilled water and it would still run
distilled water is NOT conductive

if you use the right fittings and the right tube you´ll never have a problem with water though


How fast do you spin?


i didn´t check yet


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