Water Village, Marcel Baumann (2D)


Title: Water Village
Name: Marcel Baumann
Country: Switzerland
Software: Photoshop

January 2005


very nice.


Beautiful work!


I love the atmosphere you’ve created.


Awsome :thumbsup:



Wow. Simply… wow.
That is inspiring! Great concept and atmosphere :slight_smile:


I can’t work out whether it is moonlight of sunlight. Seems a very peaceful white light, suggesting its from the moon. Great painting - I love the strong atmosphere you have created here
Well done!


Looking great! It reminds me a bit of the ROBOTA concepts.




Very nice job.


great! i like it very much!


I’m afraid I find it a bit dull somehow - it’s nice, but it’s not interesting, a certain lack of contrast and ‘screaming’ colours.

It’s fairly good, though :slight_smile:


awesome design, well done. :slight_smile:


Very nice blend of futuristic way of life and nomad feeling to this pic. Totally up to par with the ‘used future’ concept. The atmosphere sets a nice ‘wet’ mood and theres a very good attention to detail with the atmospherics; water, clouds and light.
The only thing I WOULD crit is the bottom portion of the image; in my opinion it is a bit confusing as to where the flows of water meet. They seem to go over an edge into a waterfall every so often but it kind of plays a trick on the eye according to the surrounding terrain. Thats what I think, anyway :slight_smile:

Despite the nitpicking, I think you’ve done a great job! What was the original resolution you painted it at?



Just wow
It’s beautiful!


I’m not sure what was your objective as far as a concept goes but it looks to me like a UFO landed there and the aliens started to build around the craft.

That’s what I found most intriguing.
Good job.


…a certain lack of contrast…

I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more contrast in there myself, maybe closer to the “viewer” if not around or at the buildings themselves…but I can understand why it’s so foggy if you were trying to convey the feeling of mist from the water hiding the buildings instead.

Makes me think of the way I had imagined the futuristic Salmon research and laboratory facility in the last book, Survival, by Julie Czerneda. :slight_smile:



very nice. the light and the scene…


it’s always been my dream to create a world on water… (beat me to it XD… = not that i can do it anyways)
this is so cool !


good !!very Impressive!!