Water Station


The planet is hot and dry. The only water left is hidden deep under the dead crust. This nomadic colony tap into ancient wells scattered across the planets surface with a large, floating station similar to Earths oil and gas platforms. This well has a healthy supply of fresh water, they will be able to stay here for many months, maybe years.

On cool evenings like this many of the occupiers prefer to sleep under the twin moons…it will be hot again tomorrow, too hot to be outside.


Very nice concept, great lighting


The image was created entirely in Lightwave with plenty of post in Photoshop. Initially the main “building” was going to be part of a city, then I did some sketches with a typical sci-fi landscape and just a few “floaters”…and then I settled on this composition.

It was partially inspired by gas platforms being built and floated out to sea in my home town a few weeks ago. The off-shore industry used to be massive here and I always found it difficult to imagine living and working on these huge platforms in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully this entry won’t get removed :smiley:


wow, that was quick. Thanks :thumbsup:


Great concept.

I like this sunraise and atmosphere.



I like this image. I like it’s contrast and monochrome.

Two areas catch my eye in a distracting way.

  1. The windows in the floater are the same color and value as the sky. They look like holes straight through to the sky.

  2. On the left of the floater where the distant hills “run into” the structure visually, creates a bit of a distracting focal point (corner).

Good Luck,


:bounce: the simplicity works so well…absolutely love it…very different to whats been posted …as in not going all out super detailed (which im gulty off) nice show of restraint :D.



very powerful !! :applause::applause:


Great concept, poetic render and nice sci-fi story. Scifi, I hope :slight_smile:


thank you for the kind words






it’s true
it’s true
it’s true


Hello Steve,

I like the atmosphere of your scene but I miss a little bit more elaboration (but that’s maybe because I am a detailfreak as you have seen :wink: ) This detail could also come from breaking up the large surfaces with micro-tiny changes in value

The natural rock formations on the left, even though very irregular, look as a regular pattern and I think break that up would make this ‘line’ more interesting.

Are you going to further elaborate on this image? I do hope so bcause from what is already there I like it very much.



Great image

I like your story, and the mood of the pictury. Strong picture composition and design. Very talented.

Hope to see more from you


This is one of my favourites regarding the image compositiong, light atmosphere and the feeling of scale and size… I would not overload it, but some more subtle detail would be nice…


Really nice and i mean it.
I think its one of your best…

Check mine and let me know about them…
I espessially wanna know what u think about Lost Paradise so post your answer there please.

Alien Architecture Normal. (Final Entry) :thumbsup:

Lost Paradise

Trapped In Iced

Trapped In Iced 2 The Night Fall


Thanks everyone for the comments and crits, I didn’t realise that there were so many!

I’m currently very busy with the dull stuff that pays the bills so I can’t even consider adjusting anything but, if I get some spare time, I will go through all the comments and review what I have done so far.

Thanks again


gratz on the honourable mention for your piece, mate :smiley:

totally deserved!!



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