Water Splashes


Sure, why not…just repost it when youve got it all perfect so I can use it?



Hi, here my little tutorial, is my first tutorial, so be patient please.

The scene consists in 2 objects:

  1. The drop
  2. The water tank (where the drop will fall)

The drop is a simple primitive:

The water tank requires a special attention to the topology for a correct deformation. In this case in particular, the general shape should be concentric circles (for the ripples). The simplest way that I found to model the tank was this:

Notice we have 4 morphs, the first one is when the drop falls and the following ones are a progression of the subsequent behavior.
We have also made the weightmap will control the displacement amplitude, very strong in the epicentre and subtle toward the ends. If you don’t like weightmaps, this can also be made with a gradient and distant to object (in x and Y) in Input Parameter, alpha mode.

In Layout we load both objects and add a Null for setting the DOF later:

We go to Surface Editor and setting the water surface, anything complicated in fact:

Besides this I´ve added fast fresnnel for the reflection and edge transparency of 1.
I´ve used edge transparency because dissolves the water tank with the background and also desaturates the objects edges.
Here the gradient in color channel:

For the illumination I´ve used 2 lights.
A distant light to back lighting and a spotlight that will only give a nice specular glow to our drop for what should just affect this object. Here the parameters of both lights:

For the animation we begin with the drop that falls to the tank center. At 1/4 of the path we use squach to simulate the superficial tension (this can also be made with an endomorph) the other 3/4 of the path return to its original state. When the drop has passed through the water we dissolve it to 100%.

Then we go to the water object and we add morphmixer, trying to coincide the beginning of the first morph with the the drop fall; and then we animate the subsequent behavior with the other three endomorphs, something more or less this way:

Here the envelopes:

Once we have animated the drop interaction with the water tank, we solve the ripples with displacement texture:

We use a gradient (alpha mode) with our weightmap for settingr the displacement.
We add an envelope to the weightmap so that when the water is quiet the weightmap is to 100% and when the water moves it is to 0%. This is so that the displacement doesn’t affect our endomorphs.
The following is a Turbulence to give it some irregularity to the surface (you can use your favorite procedural).

What continues is Underwater (yes underwater, no ripples) :wink:

for the ripples with an envelope that begins when the drop falls, it grows in the moment of bigger reaction of the water and vanishes at the end:

Once we have the animation and the camera movement, we proceed with the environment.
The first thing (and here the key of the water surface) is to choose the HDRI that better adapts to the atmosphere and the mood of the scene that you want to achieve. Then we add a Texture Enviroment, in my case is something like that:

Then we continue with a Gradient Backdrop that looks to texture enviroment (in fact the GB won’t be seen, but it will serve us for the fog)

Then we add something of fog:

Since we are using ImageWorld for HDRI, we should make a render with the clean scene, only with the texture enviroment, for then to put it as Background image:

To give it that nice specular glow, we add Corona, since we are using a HDRI and also our spotlight has a high value, the filter would be something like that:

In my case also I´ve added X-dof for depth of field:

Since we are using reflections and refractions, we activate them in the render panel too.

Here is a link to my original animation:


And here I´ve made an improvement to this technique (the drop that bounces separates the water tank):

and here the anim:


Besides this, I´ve played in a composition software with the image tonalities, filmgrain, brightness and contrast, etc.

Its all. F9 and enjoy. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I wanted to thank to Julez4001, thanks to his generosity is possible this tut. Thanks man! :applause: :applause: :applause:
And to all those that offered help, thank you! :thumbsup:



Very cool G!

Using your method, you could easily model crown shapes and morph to them.
You could even use something like my setup to create the endomorphs, saving out a few transformed objs!


Thanks HowardM!
But I have problems to see the graphics from:
…Once we have animated the drop interaction…

If somebody knows how to solve it, any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:


…strange, it was fine 15 minutes ago?


Nope, since I posted them I cannot see them :confused:


You shouldn’t host files on Geocities. :frowning:


send the images to me…I’ll host them for u


Well if you still need a place for your files, just tell me


Excellant tutorial. I see about half of the pictures and it looks great so far.A very practical yet ingenious approach. I have a question about the water tank construction process…after deleting the lower area of the ball,you do something to alter/reduce/something to the segments of the tank…What?
The pace of the animation is kind of quick to get numbers from…can you provide a link so it can be downlaoded and paused?
All in all a very cool thing!


Thanks Julez4001 and Digones, you are very gentile, I think that it should be a geocities limitation.
Lasvideo: Thanks, the tool is BandsawPro, the idea is to subdivide the central part of the object, since is the one that needs more detail for deformations. The link to the gif is this:


and the specific pic:

Edit: Julez4001 your PM recipient is full; so Julez400 or Digones, where can I send the pics?



Hi guys…

I cannot see anyone of the pictures in the tutorial!.. and i am very interested in this tut!..

Can i host the files for you!?.. or the whole tutorial!?..

you can email me at henning@----remooooove-----magicpixels.no


Thank you very much Heinz, very kind! :thumbsup:
I´ll send the pics to you now. Thanks. :smiley:



Me too… ag3@optushome.com.au


Thanks Ages I´ll send the pics to you too.



bummer. i can’t see the pics also. can’t wait for someone to host it on their website. thanks geraldo for the tutorial.


I’ve cleared my pms butif youc an’t get me thru there just email me.
Its always available.

U send me the pics and I’ll send u links and you can edit your first page post with the new links.


Hey Heinz, the yahoo server says that it has not been able to find your mail address. :hmm:
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If is necessary my mail is gerardstrada@yahoo.com
Thank you.

I´ll sleep a little now, I go back later :slight_smile:



Do you want me to host the images for you? I can see them and I have them saved… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info! I would like the images from the tutorial as well. Could you please post them to me at tomd8@cox.net? I would really appreciate it!