Water Splashes


Okay. Whose done it?
Any tips in LW?


I made this drop with LW for my reel presentation:

Much depends of the take and the effect that you want to achieve; to make a drop that falls in LW (with displacements and weight maps) is Ok, I think; but for more complex effects RealFlow is maybe a better option.



Wow :eek:
Thats nice work gerardo!!

Did you use Realflow?


Thanks Mushiman.
Nope, not realflow here. I made it with LW and displacements maps (and weightmaps to control them).
In Realflow is needed too much particles density and to play with the scene scale, and even this way, I´ve seen many problems trying to make this same in the NextLimit Forum.
For that reason I say that it depends on the effect that you want to achieve. Specifically in this case, I think, LW is a better option. :slight_smile:



Realflow is ultra expensive for most.gerado if u posted a tute on how u made fluid drops without realflow ud be a very popular waver!

Please consider it.


That is almost EXACTLY the effect I’m trying to produce at the moment, any chance you could post the scene file so we could take it appart, thanks


Yeah anything so we can learn… Even post the mpg so we can see it move!


hey gerardo,

that is fantastic. very realistic. got no idea how you did it. maybe with endomorphs? not sure. love the surfacing also. be good if you can post a quick tutorial on how you achieve that.



Wow! thanks guys, I didn’t imagine so much interest. Although I´m for sure you will be disappointed when you know the extremely simple thing that is to make this in LW. I don’t have a lot of time right now but I´ll prepare a little tut about the animation of this as soon as possible. :slight_smile:



*waits…with baited breathe. :drool:


Hey guys im not sure how he did this exactly but i have two wyas you could if ya wanna know

Easy way

There is a plug-in called ripple s beta i think where u can use a null that will drop down onto a plane and it will deform as such
…to get the drop you could just use hypervoxels

More complicated way…

Another way would be u use a ripple displacment map that is enveloped to start displacment when the water drop hits the plane surface


Here my hiostory on it.
S Ripple beta is nice for long movements and trailing water even skipping rocks.
But small ripples in place is erractic and sometimes you have to place the ctrl null a few frames earlier if you want it to be sync.
And you get some pre_bumps.

My quick tut

Create a subdivided plane 40 x 40 (love that new add plane plugin in Layout–se Flay)
Subdivision of 4
After displacement

Create a null

Displacement Textures (T)
Procedural --> Ripple2

Play with the settings until you the speed and size ripples you want.

Position - set driven key -on x and z axis on the null
Use falloff (circle) 28 - 40% on all axis

Move null around and you see the ripple follows
**** unfortunately not the falloff.

Use layer opacity to control when the ripples are on and off.


Wonderful :slight_smile:

ready and wainting for the tut, gerardo! thanks :wink:

best regards



Is the reflection HDRI?


Wow that looks awesome, can’t wait for the tutorial.


That water drop looks pretty nice. I too am looking forward to a short tutorial.


This method could be tweaked to work well i think… www.3dink.com/splash.mov
Its hoaky, but it kinda works…and this was just a quick test.

Cloth FX for the water polys.
And a few collisions pushing up and outward then down, cloned in a circle…and one in the center to create a pushed down effect…

…with more collisions, better ‘water’ settings for the cloth, I think it would work fine…



That quick test looks like it has a lot of potential.


hmmm…cloth fx for water…cool to have so many ways to do things…should start a modelling/animation challenge that centers on using unusual methods to complete. :smiley:


Howard… can u post/send that scene file.