Water Mill ( Game Art), Baolong Zhang (3D)


Title: Water Mill ( Game Art)
Name: Baolong Zhang
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, Photoshop

hi there :slight_smile: this is my last In Game art work, all this pics are screenshot in Unreal3 Editor, give little bit sharpen in Photoshop.

I never tired try to do something like clasic painting, this is one of my most patience work, hope you like.


Looks amazing. Great detail. I like the lighting. GJ all around.


thanks :slight_smile: here is other shot and props , hope you like


Fantastic Baolong. :slight_smile:
i learn from you how to make trees and now you show how amazing your scenes can be.
I really hope to play a game with that kind of feeling one day.
As always you deliver fantastic piece of art!! :slight_smile:



amazing as the last one


The lighting in the scene is awesome. Great work.


nice scene and work all looks impressive


excellent stuff, amazing details.


Nice, very nice stuff!


It seems you should do more in this kind of classic painting style - it looks superb! :arteest:


x-lant work very good work i like it any work look like the art ok very nice color & light

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


what a fantastic work…
I like the lighting too much and the magic of your inspiration
could you please give us an idea how did u do the lighting?


good work . the textures and model looks amazing…


wow… nice work. really like it. :slight_smile:


nice work! :applause:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

here i post my ref for creat this one, tribute to these master’s painting


Wow !! Fantastic job !! and great composition !:thumbsup:


reminds me what Claudio Tolomei did with his piece not long ago. freakin great stuff dude.
The quality of game work recently has really gone up big time, and this is perfect proof of that.



Great realtime scene !
I really like the shape of the house !
Is the lighting the base from Unreal engine ?


Congratulation for the front page Long :slight_smile:
I look at you every day work on that scene and the final result is incredible :slight_smile:
i love it.