Water Chamber, Ricardo Coimbra da Rocha (3D)


Title: Water Chamber
Name: Ricardo Coimbra da Rocha
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

The idea:

Trying to achieve a certain mood and strangeness, this work started as part of a project for a real sculpture, but at certain point, the work took a different path and I started exploring simple ideas and associations when sculpting him. The relation between the man and the mask happened at some point and then I constructed the whole scene based on this initial association.

The process:

The organic sculpting, painting and posing were done in Zbrush 3.1. Shading, lightning ,composition and non-organic modelling done in 3ds max 2009, rendered with Mental Ray. Background and main model (male, tubes and valves) rendered separately and composed in Photoshop with an alpha mask with DOF info. A few levels and contrast adjusts in Photoshop then.



wow very, very good model 5*


some images of the process…


3ds max:


Great work, Ricardo! I like the skin shader and z brushing.


I like it.


I like it.


Fudge yea, looks awesome.


Really great work, wow !


You’re a Master!!


Very realistic, and certainly you achieved in to show the right mood 5 * :applause:


Its so nice sculpting job.
also the render is cool.
i like this stuff. :applause:
4 stars.


Awesome render, dude! The idea is great, the sculpt is great, the lighting is great, and the compositing is also great. 5* from me!

Btw, I’m somehow associating this with the last place in the game Portal. Can’t really explain it. You just got me in that particular mood with this render:).


I´m really glad you guys liked it :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you,


great work ``````


Skin shader is the best))


very good work !


Excellent work! 5 Stars from me, too.

One thing that´s looking a bit strange, though, is that “part” between his legs…



very nice model, great anatomy and i really like the render and colors. 5*


Thanks everybody, really. It´s extremely rewarding to see that you liked it!



parabens cara!!

tudo muito bem feito e iluminado!

apenas a genitália do cara que eu achei estranho, parece que tem um metal ali dentro e nao algo de carne lol

o resto muito bom!