thanks but i think only the ships need to be more textured. thank you all.


Hey man,

The piece is really coming along, nice work so far.

As far as the ships go, the planking would follow the curve of the ship, not travel straight as you show now. Medieval ships did not carry cannons, so there would be no gunports.

I know your going for a fantasy look, but it might help to make the sails on the ships square. I would maybe imagine that if the ships were docked, they would just furl the sails. The triangular sails you see sometimes face front to back between the mast, and are not attached to yards facing forwards.

I would make the base texture an unpainted wood, and then add color around the top of the hull. The stern would also have lots of decoration on it. They could also have large colourful banners on the tops of the mast.



Thanks for the ship info AJ1, i was gonna give the detail in last(which is now).


made two ships. comments please.


Hey man,

Here is a quick paint up that shows the major rigging. It would help to make the shrouds thicker, and the ratlines thinner. Also, try adding a few stays, and moving your crows nest down to the middle of the mast.

I think it might look better if you added a bit of color. When the sails are furled, they would be tied up to the yard, not lowered down. The stern (back) of the ship would also be squared off.



thanks for the more details and man the ship is harder than the rest of the things. but loving it to design.


here it is.


its the final image with color-correction n glow in photoshop but still not accepted. is something more to be done?


Hey man,

There’s a lot more you could do with the image. It just a matter of how much time you want to invest in it.

Do you have any links to images that your using as reference or inspiration?



i dont have reference because i was just making what i had in mind, but a reference is and that’s lord of the rings. actually something like the scene from fellowship of the ring when the fellowship are on the boats and on river and going through argonath(the two giant statues) but i dont want the statues because it would look like i copied the scene.


I believe some people can work without or few references or concept pictures (concept pictures can be made out of references), but for the rest of us, reference & concept are important for various reasons.

With a concept, you have an idea of how the final peace will look, & its a chance to get feedback before you do actual modeling. References served as references do, to see how close you are to real life. You do not necessary have to follow religiously with the reference, but its a good base for the work.

Personally, I love to make quick (some times not so quick) paint over with reference pictures slammed together & some get an idea of the overall picture. I think it is especially important for making an environment.

Not a shameless attempt to get you to see my thread :stuck_out_tongue: , but if you look at my WIP thread (in my signature), you will notice I used a lot of references & stretches for both the characters & background. You will also notice, in my background, that I have added more details over the original concept pictures, & always almost have a concept before I made a 3D model for key elements, like the lanterns on the ground. WIthout the concept picture, I would not know if they worked, or where best to place them.

Back to your work. I think we can start with the mountains, I have looked up some references for you.


wow. thanks for the reply and the reference. especially the third one.


i updated the scene in view and added a castle/fortress on top of a new mountain.


It looks interesting now - the colors and the distant building are interesting.
I would work on the frontal wall, so it has counterforts. IT also looks too straight and not massive for some reason.


thanks, but i dont know how counterforts would look or could you show me some real life reference.


It’s reinforcements of walls not to fall. I attached in the previous post different kinds of it.


thanks. well i added counterforts and it looks good. render coming up.


hey mister3d, added the counterforts.


Yeah, looks interesting. I would think how to break up the symmetry of the buildings, as the viewer gets the same amount of info from either side. Maybe counterforts could be a bit slimmer, comparing to the details at the top of the wall.


thanks. but what do you mean by “break up the symmetry of the buildings, as the viewer gets the same amount of info from either side”? you mean it looks like half made and then mirrored? well the castle/fortress is going to be updated more. i thought of giving it a more detail and add towers to it.