Watcher, Ruidan Lv (3D)


You’re right, is was a stupid joke…

And I meant it reminded me of robots not only because they’re robots, but because of the theme of the image…Try re-reading my post.


Yeah i agree with chris it has that robots feel.



Good one I like it, Lots of good details and nice lighting.
Keep it up.

Best Regards




just awsome … :thumbsup:


yes - as others have said - really excellent piece. The only thing that I’m not sure about is the chequered texture on his legs, but other than that minor point, this is looking great!

post up a link to your animation - looking forward to seeing!


i like the work


Great composition!!! Very detailed image and very nice expression. It looks sad, but it’s great.

Congratulations!!! 5*


This is my animation poster!:slight_smile:


I like it!


very nice work, love the textures and the lightning


nice work ! good!


Interesting scene, looks cool …



Great lighting and materials!!!:slight_smile:


very nice, I want to wacth the animation too. thx


Nice work,allways glad to see great works “made in China”,and you’re welcome to cgtown(


Thanks for everyone leave suggest to me and support!
Our short 3D animation ‘CIRCUS’ was upload on ‘YouTube’.
Comments are welcome and you can give me opinion.
Animation (lower quality version ) :
The poster of ‘CIRCUS’.


nice in detail… n yes pleas animate this . really rocking work


Lovely image. The atmosphere is great. Thanks for posting the animation - going to watch it right now!


I like it! It’s actually pretty amazing. Has anybody mentioned rust? Comp, shifted horizon, characters (detailing of legs are an unusual pattern) backdrop etc. are all great. The sky behind the characters may be a bit bleached but maybe I’m just looking for something to crit. !