Watcher, Ruidan Lv (3D)


Title: Watcher
Name: Ruidan Lv
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This is a single frame of 3D animation “circus” in 2006,
The animation was made by my two classmates and me .
We are students of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy.
We have used Maya7 for modelling,software render, and photoshop for textures.
comments are welcome and you can give me opinion also.


woowww dude ! just great.:thumbsup:
i would love to see the animation.


Seconded i would like to see the animation too but this is a realy nice piece :smiley:


I think this pic looks very good! Good rain fx and great overall look!
The background looks impressive too… very detailed… I like this
dusty look… nice one… Keep it up!


Love the concept! Very detailed background with lots of atmosphere, and the robots portray a lot of personality even though they are made of very simple shapes.

Would love to see your finished animation! :slight_smile:


love your style! > : d <



very nice work, love the textures and the lightning


nice work.


Great work man


That’s great man, rich details ,wonderful atmosphere :thumbsup:


Bravo! I love the character designs! Well modeled and textured! =) You guys did an awesome job!


Very nice piece. Would love to see the animation too.


I’M study in BFA, i hope we can became friends!


Very cool render. It reminds me of the film “Robots”, although a slightly darker version…Like these two guys have been forgotten about because they’re not in top condition.

Very cool.


Really good detail. I really like the rain effect. Great work on the texturing and modeling.


Cool characters and atmosphere. Can’t wait to see the animation.


really good piece. lots of work put into the character and background, great textures, lighting, modeling,etc. good job! :thumbsup:


reminds me of that movie… ‘Shakespeare in love’
hahahahah, just a stupid joke
of course it doesn’t
just like it doesn’t reminde me of ‘Robots’…
just because there are some robots, maybe even cartoony robots…
I think to a point any cartoony robot could remind you of ‘Robots’
if you really want to.
obviously, people see only what they want to see.
anyway, the background is cool, the pipes in the middleground lack detail.


oh there you go. this one has no wireframe with it, that’s a real final piece.
love the feeling of it. great job done.


I live this style, very good work! :thumbsup: