Wasp Droid, Emerpi (3D)


Wow, cool!


Good work man. I like it. I dont know but it seem kind of familiar with the bot from Animatrix , Matriculated part.:stuck_out_tongue: No offence this is a decent work. :wink:


Dont believe that you modeled boxes and sphere only before this :smiley:
Top notch !
Contrast seems a bit low. (May be because of lot of grain, bring it down)




first real attempt? You should’ve seen my first attempt…

congrats man, with the plug


i saw this model at Feng’s website few months ago.
you deliver his concept design pretty well!!!
good stuff, dude.
it’s working pretty good with environment.

congrats on plug!!


  • actually, a friend of mine is working on the same design right now …um…i should let him know you already did.


OMG!! What have those robots done to the warehouse! :wink:

Really nice robot design. I like the blueish lighting. :applause:



The picture isn’t seen. Fix it.


Yep, the link is broken.:hmm:


Originally posted by animatethat3d
Three months of vacation?!? Where are you working?!
By the way, Awesome piece, Is the model made to be animated? Because if you haven’t animated before either, than i’d love to see you take that to the same level as you’re modeling!

Well, I usually have at least 3 months of vacation every year - call it unemployment - doesn’t really feel like vacation though :annoyed: When you don’t live in the right area then sometimes you doubt if you chose the right industrie, at least this is my case, though I love what I do… Can be pretty frustrating sometimes :hmm:
Sorry for this personal deviation - back on topic: can’t see the image either :wink:




Thanks for all comments :slight_smile: I’m very happy when I readed it

Some details:

Yes, I really made most elements by boolean. I’m newbie in 3D and boolean operations it’s easier for me than polymodeling. I know, wire in this method is very bad, even if I used better boolean plugin.

Animation… Hmm… I would to see it in animation too, but scene it’s too heavy for my hardware. This picture rendertime is 2 hours… BTW. Droid have a lot elements without any mechanical sense. It’s very hard to animate it…

Yes, I’m from Poland, and I’m study (for that reason I have 3 months of vacation) :smiley:

Hiehie… Flame & Oil add hold in suspense :wink:

My warehouse it’s based on these up, but my have a lot more details and textures :wink:

OK. Here we go… (copy & paste these adresses into new window because this server do not support hotlinks)



And droid without background:


Thanks for all replies! It’s motivate me to work with next scene

PS. Heh… Sometimes I don’t understand myself when I write this post in english… Arghh


To the broken links guys, it might be your firewall - mine is blocking it because of “hardcore” in the domain name.



both pictures wont work

please fix it


Try open it in new window or copy and paste adress into new window… I don’t have any good working server :frowning:


nice work bud…keep it up.


Nice job, im just starting to get into 3d stuff. What is Booleans? Anyway, i like the detail throughout. The factory is almost a peice in itself, the water and lighting effects are cool. Those plasma tanks on the wasps sides are also a nice touch. This peice looks very realistic. You should definitly do an animation if you have time.


quick explanation of boolean

if you use cinema 4d
would be worth getting this


both links do not work :frowning:


they work fine here…anybody else have same problem?


Modelled very nicely.
The enviornment looks well done :beer: (I like when people pay attention to the enviornment)
Good work.


I love it…very well thought out and presented…and to think its booleans :stuck_out_tongue: