Wasp Droid, Emerpi (3D)



First: Sorry, my english is very poor :wink:

It’s my first serious artwork in 3D. Previously I created crap like boxes, thoruses, spheres :slight_smile: I made this scene 3 months on vacation. Most used tool when I created this droid is boolean :slight_smile:
I hope You like it.

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Oh… I used Cinema 4D v.8.1



Booleans? that is amazing, and to say you made it in booleans is just frightening.

Wonderful picture!


very well done:thumbsup:
I assume that the design is based on Feng Zu’s images…

Edit: oops didn’t see the text at the bottom of the image:blush:


i really love this picture i like roboot render :smiley: nice work


great work!
I was actually gearing up to model that very same design! oh well…You did a great job with it. Nice lighting and textures as well. And It’s nice to see some thought put into the layout and design of the final render. It has a nice balance and good continuity through out.


really cool stuff and creative as well. i like the hands …


awesome work—amazing modeling, love the overall design.


Animation…I say animation!!! :applause:


i like :thumbsup: . kind of reminds me of the robot in the last episode in Animatrix


Zajebista Robota : ) lol
Skad jestes z polski?

Sorry my polish is very poor man. I can’t really read it or write it, so I just type the way I say it lol. Great work though, I can’t say anything bad about it. Everytime I see something like this I get really cheesy that I bought C4D :slight_smile:


That is an Awesome picture. Really like the detail.
Great Job.


What if those naked flames ignite the oil? Aren’t you worried about that? That’s a very situation you have those robots in. What if little kids from the US see this picture and feel encouraged to float around in oil soaked environments with flames jettting from their shoulder blades? You’ll be sued for sure!


Really nice work:applause:

The beauty of this post is that you actually admitted that this was your first attempt at a serious piece and you stated how long it took you. You took the mystery out of how great work is sometimes done.

Now I feel that I’m ready to perhaps take on such a task.


How do you go from making nothing but boxes and spheres, to this?? :surprised :eek:

My only real crit would be that it’s a little too grainy for my taste, but whether you’re a n00b or not, that is one sweet render…you should be proud! :thumbsup:


yeah i noticed it was fengs concept…im sure we have all gazed at them in awe… but u did it justice dood…would love to see that bad boy animated!:applause:


Well done. Love the texturing



wow! that s really fantastic …
I like it!



Three months of vacation?!? Where are you working?!
By the way, Awesome piece, Is the model made to be animated? Because if you haven’t animated before either, than i’d love to see you take that to the same level as you’re modeling!


im sure someone else did a model of these concept designs before and posted them up :S
Anyways, brilliant work!


Seems like Feng Zhu is really famous these days :))):applause: