Washing Machine VFX


A short effects sequence from my new film that has me stuck in a washing machine (don’t ask). The animation is only placeholder, I’m trying out compositing with this test:



  This is a continuation of my thread in the 3D stills section:
  C&C welcome


nice work—

from the small clip you posted, i think all we can comment on is really the spec/shadow contrast and contact shadows…

-i think your levels are very close----as the obj turns, the value change in the whites and blacks worked pretty well—
-the contact shadows; seems to be an occlusion pass, which works, but i might tighten that pass a little. what i mean is, they seem to spread a little too far from the obj. the primary shadow is good, but i might soften the edge a bit…not because it is more accurate, but because it might be what we “expect” to see.
overall i think it works, keep doing!


Two things I noticed.

Your shadow in my opinion is too strong. Especially because there are other shadows in the clip that are softer.

2nd more important thing, your shadow is going 90 degrees from the other shadows. Look at the trees, then look at your washing machine :slight_smile:

  • Noel


Very good comments, I’ll take them on board. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the shadow direction!


I’ve experimented with sparks in these clips:


… but they’re not looking great yet. I’m pretty happy with the way the machine works though, especially now that I’ve got the motion blur working how I want it


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