Wartburg 312 Coupe I., (3D)


Title: Wartburg 312 Coupe I.




Hi Pupi,

I know this car and think you have done it very well.
A friend of mine has the Combi version. The coupe
is very rare. I am not sure about the front. Seems
a bit odd but it could be the perspective. This a very
nice model but I like your characters much more.

cheers, Bob


Oh man, i love that car :thumbsup:

The shader looks great.
No critics at all.

Maybe you consider about an additional “dirty and rusty” version.




very very good :applause:

I’d go for a rusty version too, something like this pics:


Man pupii this made my day. You are my god for today.
Make me the “tourist” and “cabriolet” version please.




wow ! awesome work, you are a master pupii :eek:


greate. really realistically :thumbsup:



You should let the air out of the wheels from that last one.That might look even more realistic.


Originally posted by Ganimed

You should let the air out of the wheels from that last one.That might look even more realistic. [/B]

Those pics are not made by me :slight_smile: The 1st one has been made by a 3DSMax betatester, the 2nd one by Grid, another maxer www.3dluvr.com/grid


Very nice car Pupii, but I’m glad you’re going back to characters.


OK I am making a rusty version:

  1. I put it on the “junkyard” folder the c4d file.
  2. wait cca. 2-3 years
  3. rerender:)

Sorry carlovers, I going back to Bird Saga.



That’s a lovely car render. But you are wise in your choice to continue making your characters instead. A lot more creative!


Originally posted by pupii
[B]Sorry carlovers, I going back to Bird Saga.

pupi [/B]

I would love to see more of your bird characters.
There is so much potential in the idea. Maybe an
eagle as the King Bird or a vulture as the financial
secretary. In any case I am looking forward for
more great pictures.

cheers, Bob


Impressive Pupii really a cinema God and great aesthetic taste.
:bowdown: :applause:


Perfect!!! :thumbsup:


Awesome work pupii, is the environment on the first render all 3D?? – 3d_e


Unbelievable… Great work:thumbsup: Allthough Thirdeye said that cars are extremely easy to model once you master the modeling tools - I still haven’t come anywhere near this quality… But - then again - Pupii, and Thirdeye are in the league of their own…:smiley:


Hi Pupii, only a question. How much time did you spend to model this car and in which way this compares to the time in building ladybird? I’m just curious. Thanks.


very nice, however i do agree this is a wonderful car but it just doesn’t have the same “soul” as your characters posses.

Great work dude. Not too many cars this nice.

I wanna see baby bird and daddy bird :slight_smile: