Warrior Man-ape, M@. (3D)


Some of you may remember this one, from the LOTR contest. Well, I can say it’s finished. (3dsmax4, Scanline, Paint Shop Pro 6. Fur modelled&placed by hand). c&c welcome.

some details:




E=mc²: i was thinking the same thing :surprised
damn! :smiley:


great work.:thumbsup:


Wow, really cool, I would have no chance against this guy!
1 Crit… eyes look a little lifless.
Not the eyeballs., but the skin around the eyes look to relaxed.
Mike Fitz




that first pic is expose quality, imho.

One thing that caught my eye is the big toe in the last pic, it looks like its been painfully twisted out of the foot, I know its not exactly a human’s anatomy, but I think having such an awkward looking toe is distracting.

Other than that its perfect


thats totally awesome, the only thing i don’t like is the texture on the amror, looks jsut like “noise”, it dosn’t look like rusted or owrn battle armor, jsut the noise filter in photoshop, or in max even, and something with the upper lip dosn’t sit right with me, but other than that its awesome


Nice to see it finished.


nice work m@ lovely texturing.


Awesome!! :bounce: But I think that his teeth is too shiny, they are usually very dirty and alot of black areas can be seen on them… rest is great!!! :airguitar


Holy shit, this one’s outstanding. Great work! Great work on the textures, too.


That’s one scarily realistic looking beast, great stuff.

Agree about the toe looking odd, and the feet look too flat to support him, but hey, I find it hard to find any faults with it at all.


Thats really nice!

Great Work!:thumbsup:


Well all i can say is what they others have =) truly awesome man.

Got a question. you said the fur was modeled and placed by hand. Does it mean what u meant literally??
Because if u did…geeeez how many hours did that take and do u have a secret?


mm i just dont buy it, its an amazin peice of work, but it just doesnt ‘go’ IMHO anyway. Keep it up!


I can remember this alright. It was one of the best entries. :buttrock: I’m sooo glad you got around to finishing it.:thumbsup: It’s fantastic.:airguitar Hope to see more from you soon.:drool:


awesome textures! :cool:

he scares me tho :surprised


Great work :thumbsup:

I agree with you Waz to a certain extent, about the armor in the first picture.

I think that the “so called” noise is NOT the problem, The effect looks great and very realistic, like strong metal. To me it seems much more advanced than just using plain noise too.

It just seems to look too clean, maybe some more markings like on the top of the helmet would do the trick.

The fur looks amazing, I would love to thoroughly learn your technique for creating it, did you just assign the fur to multiple flat planes and model them around the body? have you ever used the Advanced Painter Script?

Thx, keep up the great work


I love the detail and design.

Great Work. :applause: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: