Warrior, Jukka Tahtinen (3D)


Title: Warrior
Name: Jukka Tahtinen
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya, ZBrush, 3ds max, VRay

Here is my latest work, i wanted to try and create a fantasy character, but still try and keep it “real” and not go to far. Used Zbrush for creating displacement maps, this was a perfect project for me to get to know this awsome program.

Hope u all like it, and if not feel free to comment.

biger version



Amazing work! Bravo!

Alessandro Briglia


HE looks great! woahh great job on the texturing. Could we see a close up of his face?


wow dude, awsome. I like this concept… could fit great in game :slight_smile:


holy nice man. thats awsome.

love it!


very good. :applause:


Nice texturing~


Hello there mate!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… This looks awesome!
You always seem to wow me! Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Great model!


Model is great!

I like his armor very much, intresting textures:applause:


Looks awesome. No criticisms or comments to be made. Simply awesome. Love the texturing.


Really superb!:bounce:I regret only that you does not put it in scene with an environment .


amazing image
5 stars for you


Thanks alot for so nice comments !

Heres is a shot of the face


really great stuff:)


Textures are great, nice work!:thumbsup:



I like it!Good texturing!


Thanks alot !

 One thing i forgot to mention (feel abit ashamed) was to thank every body that helped me during the WIP phase ! 

Both off and on Cgtalk


That is just amazing work!!!

one question, did u really need to use 3ds max and Maya, or could u also have done it just with 3ds max?


Nice stuff, dude :thumbsup: