Warning: NWN Portraits


Now, after browsing the amazing work you guys and gilrs have made, I’ve noticed that quite a few of these works had found their way into various portrait packs on Neverwinter Vault. Now, if you’ve agreed to this then, it’s great! I mean really some of the best portraits there have been posted here, however if you haven’t you might wanna do something about it.

Just a heads-up :slight_smile:


Photos and artwork of people, especially fantasy artwork and anime, get used as roleplaying avatars in RPing games of all forms ALL over the internet. Not just in fancy games, but in simple text-based chats and crummy popup-ridden amateur character bckground pages.

There is no WAY anyone would be able to track down all the occurences, much less put a stop to it, and in many cases it’s no worse than all the cases around CGtalk itself of people using avatars they didn’t make.

It’s annoying, but it’s not like these people are really claiming they made the work, or that they’re making any money off it.


Well that sucks, but why the hell are you defending them, Gnarly Cranium?


Just saying it like it is. It’s annoying as heck but not something worth panicking over. If you really must, go ahead and start bitching at everyone on CGtalk who didn’t make their own avatar. Have fun.


I kinda agree with Gnarly.

Plus, when they use your image, they must really like it, so in a way they’re just fans.


End users making free use of art posted here is about as criminal as… um… oh wow… using stuff posted here as wall paper. Which I’m sure no one in here does.

Now if someone’s distributing the art as a package… that’s another story.


yeah, depending on your perspective it can be good or bad but in the end it doesnt matter. theres nothing anyone can do. If anyone used one of my pics as walpaper id be honored and not angry. They can even make prints and hang it on there wall instead of buying through me (though the latter probably would be better in the second senario)


Well, I wouldn’t bitch about it (much), but don’t say it’s normal. It’s like justifying Dale Willams. :argh:


Being a fan of NWN I have often in the past downloaded portraits and such off the NWNVault. I just wanted to say that, if somebodies work was used as a portrait, then its definatly not a conscious act of theft, at least not in the sense that these people are trying to get something for nothing. The makers of these things will “make” the avatars, bundle them up into a package, and then put it up on the Vault for people to download and add to their games, and at no point is money exchanged. Infact, one of the clauses in Biowares Licence agreement is that no user may ever charge for anything in the game… not even a self run online server… since they wanted it to be a “pay once for the package, never pay again” sort of thing. Im sure that any of the makers of these things, if you contacted them and requested they remove the picture from their package, would do so without hesitation.

Considering that… it is a compliment in a way… that these people find the work to be at a quality level suitable for the game, perhaps a comfortable medium could be found where… the continued use of the artwork is used, but credit and a link the the artists e-mail/webpage would be given with the portrait, so people could know who exactly created the drawing?


exactly. Im cool with my work being used, and if your not im sure they will take it down. Its just not that big of a deal in the scheme of things. I mean avatars are not exactly print res so theres little chance they will be used for anything but… well, avatars.


How is it not normal? People who can’t draw like to have a way of signifying their characters. ‘Dale Williams’ was claiming the work of others as his own, and trying to get work/money from it. The average internet fan has absolutely no reason to even try that-- and in fact many times I’ve discovered great artists by seeing someone’s avatar that I liked, and asking them where they got it. (that’s how I discovered Linda Bergkvist a couple years ago, I wouldn’t even know she existed till she turned up on CGtalk if it wasn’t for that, though she does object to having her work shown in RPs and I’ve informed people of this and gotten a few such images taken down) Often on their websites it will be noted, and even if it isn’t they’ll explain when asked, unless they just plain don’t know. There are also people within the RP communities who try to keep track of whether an artist wants their stuff used in that format, and in some places there’s pretty heavy pressure for people to make sure and put credits on all the images they use. Hopefully this will grow.

People put up posters and wallpapers, print out images to put in notebooks and things of that kind, and show their friends-- this is similar. Most of the time it’s limited to teenagers, too, so I guess really the people to blame would be parents for not raising their children to respect copyright.

In fact the only real objection I have to it isn’t based on financial copyright issues at all, but the sheer fact that I don’t want people sticking the face of a character on a character that’s nothing like them and does stupid things. Not because they’re going to convince anyone the character is theirs or get any money… but just cause it BUGS me, the same way the new Catwoman movie pisses me off-- it breaks the laws of simple decency and TASTE. :argh:


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