WARMONK - meka wip


Hi cgmakers!
Large overdose of commercial work, I turn over towards my sanctuair and his inhabitants. Here thus new chara wip, and i just don’t wanna let him die in my HD’s trash, so …

So here is my blueprint:

I’ll start him without though armor to see how he’ll work…
and here is so far the small-head :wink: modeling wip’s small vidéo: (QT7 H264 126Kb)

C-Ya next year ;))


Nice concept, but I think if he got in a fight, and someone shot a bullet at him, that would be the end. I think he should have some kind of exoskeleton. Also, in the concept it looks different from the cartoony modelling style. Good luck. :slight_smile:


steals cool concept :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. Well I’m trying to get my modeling as free as my sketches, but it doesn’t yet come as… naturally…

Anyhow i’m having fun ^^. I’ll advance on general modeling then I’ll unwarp UVs to terminate texturing. (and get rid of that oldschool bump map haha! )

Here last advances:

and some “wires”

315Kb QT7 - H264

412Kb QT7 - H264


some fun with splines and sweep nurbs !

au lit !


little more…


Very Nice!! I love the design. Not very original but I really like how you’ve added a little more style to the usual skeleton bots. The Textures are great. What modeling software? Keep it up! I’m really looking forward to this one.



Awesome :thumbsup:
Keep it up :slight_smile:


ngrava: thanks :slight_smile:
software is cinema4d, r9.6

Dean92: thanks too :slight_smile:

little up:

now more fine tuning :arteest:


Hey, nice update:thumbsup:

My only crit is that it would look even better with some wear and tear in the pants.
Very cool pants :thumbsup:


thanks Dean92
yeah that’s right, and since It’s one of my week points, I’ll do it at last :smiley:
Don’t know right now if I’ll make it full poly or with SPD from Zbrushing…?
Certainly a mix ?

I have tons of detailing work on almost all the mechanical parts, [[b]here /b](http://www.shtl.org/cgtalk/WARMONK/WARMONK10-4-2400.jpg) a bigger shot so you can see how much work I still have o do.
Plus the “muscles” rigging is a tedious task :arteest:


Little UP


nice work man, it’s sweet to see this come so far, keep goin i look forward to seeing it totally done.


[edit=smaller preview images] :slight_smile:


click for bigger res

click for bigger res


click for bigger res

 click for bigger res


i really love the body structure youve made here. this models deffinetly got alot going for it, great job.


Awsome work!! This gets 5 stars in my book! You wouldn’t mind showing a wire for this would ya?


Thanks Darko11, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Also very happy you like it AugieBenDoggie :))
Since it’s wip lot of stuff is beeing optimised at the moment, I’m reworking lot of articulations sytems to get the most smooth movement when rigged. Anyhow blahblah blah, here are some wires:

click for bigger res

and small preview render:


Very beautiful job man. You do that with C4D 9 or C4D 10? I say for the muscular like structures. The only thing I don’t like is the pants.


Very cool update:thumbsup:
I hope to see more of this :slight_smile:


hey Archeo ;)Nope not yet under r10, so muscles are simple splines under sweep nurbs with details/scale adapted, and with simple Xpresso that rely points to “bones” structure, with a third point (middle) controled with a mix node and some math…

click to view the Xpresso

... so anyhow you should be able to run exactly the same under r10, even in a very easyer way I guess. 
But I though there was a muscle setup in r10 ?
Did you get CD tools ?

For your concern I gues the most hard part would be to skin the setup ?

Thanks again for following [b]Dean92 [/b]:), I just attacked the hipe/femur articulations, and am tweaking proportions a bit...

still :arteest: