Warlord Wip


Hello everyone! I’m working on my portfolio in hope of employment in 6 months. Right now I’m working on a fantasy type character built with specs for UT 3. He’s at about 10k tris atm with 2x 2048 maps for the uv space.

And here’s a wireframe

As you can see, I’ve just barely begun texturing. I would like some feedback on the progress so far. There are a few areas I’m especially concerned about before I continue.

For one, the character is mostly symetrical, and it’s really starting to bug me. Everything except the head and a few minor peices have some sort of stacked uv’s and I’m probably going to change that. I’m wondering if anyone agrees/disagrees/ has suggestions for making it more interesting.

The second thing I’m concered about involves extra polygons inbetween the plates in the chest. Orginally I was a bit overzealous with maintaining the silouette around the chest and it’s resulted in many polygons for a very slight change in the overall look. I was wondering if anyone disagrees and think that extra edge helps.

Any comments and crits would be great.


Nice concept whre did you get it?


Lookin’ good so far. I don’t think the symetry is that bad. His shoulder armor and cross strap really break it up. You could always give him a gauntlet on his right hand. I will say, right now he has the proportions of a dwarf. Some of that might just be the bulkyness of the armor. I’d take the head and hands down to about 75% of thier size, and langthen the legs. Looking nice overall.


Design of the armor mostly comes from a D&D book.


yeah, i was just testing you. the art is William O’Connor.

looking pretty good so far. I’ll be watching this post as it progresses.


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