Warbot, Adam Scott (3D)


Title: Warbot
Name: Adam Scott
Country: Canada
Software: After Effects, Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

The robot design was created by Max Cant. Created in about four weeks using XSI, Photoshop, and some post work in After Effects. Fully rigged with a low poly toggle for faster animation. You can view the work in progress thread here. Comments and crits greatly appreciated!


Wow excellent work! The shapes look somewhat simplistic but the model is still very efficient and well-done. Texture is excellent too! Keep up the good work!


Nice with the textures! I love the concept you were working from. Wasnt sure if you were using hdri or not… but might have been worth turning up the output level to get a bit more variation? Anyway looking great! Good job :slight_smile:


I’ve been following your progress in the WIP section and I have to say it turned out awesome! The textures add a lot to the simple design.


i`ve followed your wip threat, too. great concept and execution but this grey plane uuaargh. i love the faces of your pilots and its a bit harm that they are so hardly to see.

great render except the plane :thumbsup:


Nice model!

Strange design, but textures are great. Keep it up.


great model.
i like you style, kinda different than the usual stuff.
great modellig and texturing for sure.
well done


great to see that one finished! Love the render!


quoted for agreement


Great model, great textures. Though, I think you did wrong leaving those crosses from the concept out of your textures. Textures are stunning, of course, yet still quite plain at one or two places and some more color to them would do no harm.

Would love to see this fella animated.


This is really great work,I just love the textures.
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Greate robot … man … and very interesting detailing …


Great work. Thumbs up. :thumbsup:


Nice man
so funny
the texture and render is fantastic:thumbsup:


DanVL - thanks!

alfy - thank you… I loved the concept too, especially the profile shot. I am using hdri and have a seperate pass for it, so I’ll try jacking it up a bit in after effects.

rustbucket - thanks for the feedback along the way

take2 - I agree the grey plane is very bland; it was just a base to show shadows on from the model. An environment would’ve been very nice. The pilots were a quick object I made and weren’t meant to have a big part in the model. Fun to model though. I’ve got a close up rotation I’ll be putting on my reel so you can see them a bit more.

rawwad - thank you

blz - thanks, I’m happy you like my style and work

milivoj popovic - thanks!

shivmoo - thank you as well

xsenos - I agree with you on the textures… there are some places where it is a little plain. I had to be careful about texturing some pieces because a bunch of the objects are duplicates on the other side… and if it was too beat up it’d stand out too much as being so. But I agree with alfy about adjusting some hdri levels might add the needed contrast.

Tim Bjork - thank you! I appreciate it.

Eternal Art - thanks for the comment

Sollesnes - thanks

alshakno - I’m happy you like it!


Yet another great model from you!! Awesome job!:thumbsup: and nice touch with that bullet hole in the front.


how good is that, the textures are just fantastic :eek:


Fantastic !!

you are great with XSI !!


Textures are brilliant! Love that chipped & scratched paint look! The design is pretty cool, what can he do? Is it a three man bot?


Thanks for all the nice comments! littlelac, I’m pretty sure he’s a two man bot; one for the turret, the other for the movement… the design isn’t mine so I can’t be positive. But I’m sure it would kick some major jabronee.