War Of The Worlds - Men Hunting, Robert Czarny (3D)


Title: War Of The Worlds - Men Hunting
Name: Robert Czarny
Country: Poland
Software: Vue

And as the day came they became aware of a fighting-machine standing near by the Langham and looking down at them.
Seen nearer, the Thing was incredibly strange. Machine it was, with a ringing metallic pace, and long, flexible, glittering tentacles swinging and rattling about its strange body and the brazen hood that surmounted it moved to and fro with the inevitable suggestion of a head looking about. Behind the main body was a huge mass of white metal like a gigantic fisherman’s basket.
Heaven knows how long he had been there. It must have given some of them a nasty turn. He came down the road towards them, and picked up nearly a hundred too drunk or frightened to run away.
Strange as it may seem to a human being, all the complex apparatus of digestion, which makes up the bulk of our bodies, did not exist in the Martians. They were heads - merely heads. Entrails they had none.
They did not eat, much less digest. Instead, they took the fresh, living blood of other creatures, and injected it into their own veins. I have myself seen this being done. Let it suffice to say, blood obtained from a still living animal, in most cases from a human being, was run directly by means of a little pipette into the recipient canal.
The bare idea of this is no doubt horribly repulsive to us, but at the same time I think that we should remember how repulsive our carnivorous habits would seem to an intelligent rabbit.
A Martian has only to go a few miles to get a crowd on the run. And I saw one, one day, out by Wandsworth, picking houses to pieces and routing among the wreckage. But they won’t keep on doing that. So soon as they’ve settled all our guns and ships, and smashed our railways, and done all the things they are doing over there, they will begin catching us systematic, picking the
best and storing us in cages and things. That’s what they will start doing in a bit.
Lord! They haven’t begun on us yet.
H.G. Wells 1898 “War of the Worlds”
If you want to learn how I made this scene, please visit “SCENES” section of my website (I am still working on the “Making of the Men Hunting” - so some elements are missing yet, and it may happen that page don’t open due to transfer limits - if it occurs, just try later.)
To build the 1900 London I used mainly Alain Garcia’s buildings (available at Cornucopia 3D), Poser 4 Low Polygon man & horse, narwik’s bridge, Bernard Dumas Renault G, and some other stuff from the net (more credits & links on my website)
If there is something you would like to know about this scene that is not mentioned on my website’s article, just let me know - as I said I am still working on “the making of”, so I can add some further explanations.
I hope you will like this picture.
Take care :slight_smile:
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Very very cool, I like your stylized vision of the machines, more fitting with the time of the story, even if they are an advanced race.

I like the old man too, with the cane, cant quite get outta the way!

nice!, Wait though, it doesnt say if you sctually built the model of the machine…if you didnt…then…nice composition?


Wow. So much detail! You deserve to be proud of this.


Awesome job :thumbsup: ! Although I have no idea how Vue works.


Great composition, and big amount of details, though the characters look more artifitial, may be if you used some motion blur you could have a more realistic Pic.

Anyway it’s a great piece of art.


use a chinese word 鬼斧神工!


Wow nice! great work mate.



Awesome details :surprised
That’s perfectly “War Of The Worlds” :beer:


my God…A lot of details…5 stars from me…Very Good Job:)


awesome work…very well done!:thumbsup:
the breakdown on your site is very good too

what kind of rendertime do you get from Vue with a scene like this?


WOW really Great


nice composition detailed work 4* :beer:


Amazing work! I would just say that the architecture and open space looks far more like paris than london.


nice work. I like war of the worlds :thumbsup:


very good detail, nice atmosphere:eek:


Fantastic piece! I like it a lot, amazing details. Congratulations 5stars :bounce:


incredible details


I <3 it and I abselutely love the texturing.
awesome job on it, 4 star.


Excellent scene and composition. I think I see Tom Cruise :rolleyes:


so amazing , nothing more to say , well done!