Wanting to go to DeVry University.


Hey guys I just graduated high school, and am wanting to pursue and education in 3-D modeling for games. I always wanted to work in the gaming industry ever since I started playing the playstation one. I once worked on a mod team for Quake 3 :arena and had a blast doing it. Granted it was hard work and didn’t really finish it

I’ve seen some schools advertised on TV that caught my attention. I was looking at DeVry University or the Katherine Gibbs School. Both look like they have very good programs, based on the commercial. A lot of the work looked good. It was really hard to find examples online of student work though.

Has anyone attended either of these 2 schools. It hard for me to decide because the student work i’ve seen is about the same for each school. How do these 2 schools compare to other schools? I haven’t researched too many other schools. I think I just need to up and choose one of these, as they both seem to offer good real world education.


I don’t know your personal situation, but I usually (barring the Acadamy of Art in SF) make it my policy to never go to a school that has a commercial. I went to SCAD 99-03 and it’s a good school, Ringling, VFS, etc. etc. all have benefits. It’s my understanding that DeVry is a purely technical school, they’ll teach you the software, but not the art, that’s fine, but in reality, you can do that on your own.

It’s my personal opinion, so take it with what you will, that you should go to school to broaden your horizons, enhance your mind so to speak. I can look in a tutorial and figure out where the modify-convert poly to subd option box is and what all the options are, but learning techniques to see light, shadow, form, color, those are things that a good professor can do but have no technical background in a tutorial.

This is not a field where a degree matters, even overseas jobs, if you have ‘relevant work experience’ then they can hire you. Go where you feel comfortable, if you visit these schools you’re talking about, make sure that they’re teaching you art, not buttons.


Yes! I’ve been saying this for years. Thank you.


I went to DeVry, not for 3D, but I wouldn’t recommend them anyways.

Their curriculum is not the best and they are waaaaay too expensive.


Do more research before making a decision. It sounds like you’re only considering those 2 schools, and there’s quite a few out there to look at.

As far as I know, DeVry doesn’t even offer a program worth looking at if you’re interested in doing game art. Their program is in game programming, and even though you might have a couple modeling classes, it’s going to be a waste of time if you really want to do modeling.


Aren’t they the school that advertises on TV using a poorly animated, untextured stock model? Yea, I really would want to go there. :rolleyes:


This is a bad omen if you’re too lazy to do any real research on schools. (No, catching a commercial for DeVry on TV doesn’t count as research.)

CG is work. DeVry and others have created these “CG programs” hoping to get the cash from some unsuspecting people who assume that making games is as easy as playing them.

If you’re serious about going into CG. Go do some research. Come back afterwards and let us know how it went; then we can give you some good advice. At this point however you don’t appear to have a good idea of what you want, let alone where you want to go to school.



Harsh, but true advice Mummey, sometimes a good kick in the ass is what people need.


Devry and similar cash crop schools (westwood college) dumb down our industry, and are only in it for the money by trying to cash in on the “hype” of 3d, and not offering any real education. Their commercials are an embarassment to themselves, and they offer no redeaming qualities in any of their advertising. (They have to advertise because their programs or any other work that comes out of the school doesn’t attract anyone). I strongly discourage everyone to go there, because they are cashing in on the ignorant lower income bracket who think they will get an education easy, when in fact they’ll just waste a bunch of money.

So in conclusion, go for it!

(unless you want to actually get a job anywhere)


Why is TV not research? I went online to see reviews of the schools, and DeVry had excellent reviews, and said their game design program is top notch. I’ve read many times in this forum “It doesn’t matter what school you go to, it’s what you put into it”. If I put a lot of work into my education at DeVry than I can be just as good as someone graduating from Gnomon.


[QUOTE"It doesn’t matter what school you go to, it’s what you put into it". If I put a lot of work into my education at DeVry than I can be just as good as someone graduating from Gnomon.[/QUOTE]

Thats a good attitude to have. Even if it comes down to what you put into it, if your in one of these cash cow (think thats the expression) schools it might have a negative effect. Especialy if the teachers dont really know much and other students are there that arent really too bothered about what they are doing. (Then you all sit in groups moaning about why the school is bad instead of trying to work out how you can make it better)

[QUOTE"This is not a field where a degree matters, even overseas jobs[/QUOTE]

From what i have read, having a degree for overseas jobs does help. Not to sure though. Where these people just starting out in the industry Celtic, or had they allready been working in the CG feild?


This thread is really ****ing funny. Yes, it is what you put in, but you’ll be better off teaching yourself then going to a place like devry… These places use shitty teachers to teach their students, and those students become the new professors right after they graduate cause they can’t get a job, and then you have even shittier teachers teaching there.

Oh, you find one devry grad who has half the skill of a gnomon grad and I will prepare of the second coming of christ cause its the end of the world.

Any program that is called “game design” will suck.

If you want to be a programmer, find a computer science program somewhere.

If you want to be an artist, go to an art school.


What’s so funny about my thread? Your telling me that I (who has very limited experience) will be able to teach myself better than a teacher. I doubt it. The professors seem to be pretty credible in their bios on the DeVry and Gibbs website. A lot of them say they have extensive industry experience which I think is good. Anyway I’m going to apply to Gnomon too.


Post Of The Week.


Listen, he’s just giving his opinion about the school. Which i believe is what you asked for in the first place. I agree with him, you would be far better off learning from the countless number of books, dvd’s, even free tutorials than you would from going to devry. You say you have very limited experience so take that into consideration before you get bent out of shape about someone elses answer to your question.


In five years, you’ll look back on this comment, and either have a good laugh, or have a good cry.

I’m not going to bother repeating myself so I’ll just say this: If you end up deciding to go to DeVry.

  1. Set aside half the money you would have spent on DeVry tuition.
  2. Use that money to buy Gnomon DVD’s, Game Development books, etc…
  3. Make a check for the other half of the money and mail it to me.

Why? Because if you go to DeVry, you’re going to have to do step 2 anyways in order to do learn anything. Its going to frustrate the hell out of you when you arrive there and realize you already know more than the instructors (hint: If they really had worked at a gaming company or anything other than game testing (typically a minimum wage position), they wouldn’t be teaching at DeVry afterward.)

Am I still not clear enough?


Here, I’m even going to help you do actual research as opposed to being sucked in to their half-assed PR on their website and TV ads.

List of schools in North America (from the CGWiki)

The Unofficial Truth of the Industry (also from the CGWiki)


You skipped the rest of my quote, I also said “or relevant work experience” If you have a degree, you are more likely to be able to work overseas, but if you don’t have a degree and have been working for 5-10 years, it’s still an option.

That’s just my focus, I really want to work around the world while i’m still young, so it’s something i’ve looked into. Others don’t care about working outside the US, so ignore that whole part of my post if you’re one of those, just don’t go to Devry, listen to what everyone is saying, teach yourself, do gnomon, do whatever you can, but don’t waste the time or money or effort on poorly planned projects, bad teachers, and bald-faced lies about your chances of getting into the field.


I went to a “cash grab” school and spent $16 000 on an education I basically could have given myself but I didn’t have much choice in my province because it was the only course I thought I could get into with no prior experience.

The teacher ended up being poorly qualified, the one I got had never really done much animation and never even worked with MAYA! Looking back there were definite warning signs but hey I worked my butt off, got my reel finished and now i’m modestly in the industry.

Did I overspend? Maybe but I probably wouldn’t have been able to start from scratch at home with just books. I think I needed that school atmosphere with assignments and deadlines to really cue me into how much work this industry demands. I met other people in the industry and got some connections and the school did help me get my first real job so they didn’t totally rip me off.

What i’m trying to say is if you go to one of these schools you should probably expect to be on your own once they get that cheque.


Okay so basically everyone is telling me DeVry sucks a lot. Man this is frustrating. My parents are really pushing me to go to college, so learning from books at home is not an option, even if it is a better education. They are really bugging me to the point of doing daily checks on my school search process. I really just wanted to relax and enjoy my Summer. I just graduated high school for christ sakes, what’s the rush.

Ok so no DeVry. Are there any CG programs people can recommend in the Boston area. I really don’t see many schools in Boston with digital art programs. Maybe I need to leave Boston and go to NYC.