Wanted, Marilena Mexi (2D)


Title: Wanted
Name: Marilena Mexi
Country: Greece
Software: Photoshop

The idea began when my friend I asked me if I can paint finally something different, a scene of destruction, and a bad girl…and I tried…

About the painting;
Tools; Photoshop + Wacom graphire + personal ref.

© Marilena Mexi

Thanks for looking!


Amazing Work


Thanks for the kind words!


hi marilena,
i wonder you are not participate the secret agent challenge,good work!


Irawan thank you very much!

I do not have never before participate in cgtalk event but maybe is a good idea…
I made this artwork and much later i saw for the competition

(sorry for my bad English)


I like it :slight_smile:


I’m glad you like it!


Oh, I do get destruction. It’s a little more concept art style than your usual backgrounds, but since this is a different subject for you, nice daring. I think more medieval or fantasy costumes suit your style better. This tight fitting stuff isn’t flattering on your character’s figure (nice pose though).

Her torso and hip were flattened out (not enough defining volumn or shadows), and her extended leg has a contour highlight on the inner thigh that’s making it look thicker than normal. Overall though, nice work attempting a different and most likely difficult subject. Keep it up. Nice effort.


linainverse23 thank you!


Its not at all about the style or the subject, you have improved big time…keep it coming marilena…:applause:


aw PC thank you so much! really I appreciate that you say!


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