Wanted-Kurv Get into Silo


Any user out there finish and ready to sell USED dvd: Get into Silo ?
Kurv Studios not selling Get into Silo - only Silo II modeling.
Let me know via PM or email. $ as well.
Thanks to those that may respond.


You can buy both of them at kurvstudio.com.


Thanks for a reply.
BUT when I go to Kurv’s site main page and click on the Silo DVD’s, it shows both names.
However, if you click on the Get into Silo link, it takes you to a page on the $109 Silo modeling program and an image of an ogre (?).
BUT if you click on the Silo II version, it takes you to the page for the dvd.
I figured they moved on to the Silo II modeling only and took out the original.

Note: if it is still available from Kurv, is the “april discount” still in effect ?


As for the discount, I have no idea the best thing to do is to contact kurv.
As for the DVD I don’t think it mean anything, try to add one of them or both to the
basket and checkout.
If kruv wouldn’t want you to buy this one they would take it out from their website.


Well good news, Kurv having 30% sale for May. Also got the 2 dvd’s ordered. Thanks all.


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