Want to pop-up the specific particles with texture map


I am new to 3ds max pflow. Recently, I was trying to recreate the following effect with pflow without using thinking particle but with no luck.

I have a wall with hundreds of bricks, So I add them into an birth group and have some spin on that wall. But now I want it to pop up using a black and white map. These are my set-up, Am I doing something wrong?




You are on the right track and it is basically the same thing as this: (there is a sample scene linked in the description)

Just by looking at the screencap of the flow, it appears to be correct. That Stop op may be causing some issues, disable or replace with a Stop Gradually and retry. Grab the sample file in the link above an crosscheck the scene.


Thank you for the reply, now I can move the particles with the black and white texture map, but they can only move them in one direction.

What I want is to move the particles forward/backward according to the value of color.


Use a Pipe and use 128 Grey as center then two conditions in the Pipe.

<128 (to black) = negative value & >128 (to white) = positive value



Currently I am using the settings below, but it doesn’t give me the in between value, It can only go -128 or 0 :curious:


Hmm close, this is the way I would do it. Convert your normalized X (U of UVW, XYZ are all the same just use X(U) for posterity) greyscale value to 0-255 value then read switch with pipe.

see attached example.


That means if I want more in between position as to get a wave form, I need to add more conditions in the pipe?


no you don’t. All you need to do is subtract your color by 0.5

grey 128 = 0.5

so if you subtract the color by .5

grey = 0
white = .5
black = - .5

Also you might want to think of recording the original position and offsetting the position from there unless all your particles rest at 0.

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Haha, really inspiring. Now I know why it goes wrong.
Thank you all of you :smiley: :cool:


You know you are welcome to hijack at anytime …jerk :p:D…joking

That’s a much more elegant solution! Saved…preset :slight_smile: Crappy bad/old habit, I always find myself converting interface values, Sometimes my brain has a hard time collating values of different types if I don’t have the interface value to check against to see if they are correct.


haha Johnny! I figured you had a brain fart! :stuck_out_tongue: I do the same thing all the time :banghead:


LOL too kind more like an aneurism :smiley: I messed aound for a minute and plugged in the point normal that works pretty cool, just using the length instead of an axis so you aren’t limited to a 2d movement. I like your naming convention, smart for saving existing channel_ :slight_smile:

Dude why doesnt the Switch sub have Add Outputs?


Good call using point normal and length, definitely better for a preset! Thanks johnny! Happy new year to all. :bounce: