Want More Polygon Tools??


Hey guys,

I’m kind of disappointed in the lack of numbers in the Poll to port Mesh Surgey, a C4D polygon plugin, to Maya.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see an annoyed Maya modeler, or a Maya user stating they use another app to model because of missing tools.

The author, MdmeSadie, will consider a port of his tools to Maya if enough user demand is there. So here’s your chance. Have a look at the tools.

Mesh Surgery

Nice yes? Vote below, registration takes 30 seconds, and every vote counts, a message post is optional, but do so if you know of others that would certainly be interested (fellow workmates etc).


I sure hope users appreciate this chance to get tools to accompany Byrons or the default set of tools. Vote. :wink:


That would be very nice plug-in. So I voted.


Me too, and my fingers are crossed:beer:


Comeon people do your thang


voted too




ps:: c’mon nuke …my friend ( :surprised ) … don’t get depressed… they will consider maya (maybe) in a second time… :cool:


I think people may not vote because they might have to go through a registration process. Some people are in too much of a hurry to register or don’t want to sign up for othere reasons.


why are you trying to model inside maya to begin with ;).


my vote’s in, you can never have too many options, eh?


Excellent, i hope he will port it in maya!


Originally posted by ambient-whisper
why are you trying to model inside maya to begin with ;).


Well it wouldn’t hurt to have real modeling tools in maya.


but its maya… tools cant save it…


Ambient, please don’t ruin my thread with your biased opinions, some of us cannot afford multiple programs, and love the Maya workflow and environment, why you’re throwing one-liners in the hope of annoying users is beyond me… :hmm:

And to sign up to the forums takes 30 seconds, fill in Nickname, e-mail, password… and then scan the preferences available, the defaults are good and will not send junk to your account, except for an activation e-mail. It’s not like you have to fill out an essay here people, check out the tools and vote :wink:


I wish I didnt have to sign up to vote, because i’d love to see mesh surgery, but its still a bit of a hassle, and I’m sure you’d get more votes if you didn’t have to register to vote. :smiley:

but i guess if u register, and vote yes… you REALLY want those tools eh?


i jusr registered and voted, seems like a great set of tools


after looking at the tool set…it seems that a lot of the mesh surgery features are already native in maya…not all - but many.

I would think that this would make it easier for porting…


after looking at the vids some more…

Maya can already do the following features with bonus tools and/or Mj Poly tools installed…

Scalpel tool (split poly tool)
edge loop (mj, bonus tools, and select continguous edges)
normal move (move components tool, default move tool)
point loop (ctrl F9)
polygon loop (bonus tools, or convert edge loop ctrl F10)
point slide (default with snapping)
edge slide (default with snapping + maintin component spacing)
hinge extrude (wedge)
hinge scale (move components tool or default scale +move/lock pivot)

MeshBrush (not all of them)

maya does not do Katana or Jigsaw which look awesome enough…even though it can do PolyCut(mirror cut)

all and all…

Katana and Jigsaw would be an excellent addition to maya along with some of the Mesh Brush features that Artisan does not do…

what i did notice is that it would be nice if you could use the gestural movements in maya without having to always move the pivot point manually…


You may had read my post on another thread yet

Observations about poly tools creation

We are a lot to call Alias to imporve Maya’s polygonal modelign tools… And simply, what we want is not hard at all to who invented stuffs like Maya|Fluid and more!

And the Maya’s coders have already build some misexploited engines. I mean, the simple guy I am has found a way to code in some mel lines a bridge tool. Like the Wings one! It connects two faces or two edges (and can be useful in several cases like in the work of this modeler : http://www.3dluvr.com/pascalr )

My method uses a polyAppend melscript function feature. The append polygon tool do not enable to go to an edge from another without taking the intermediates edges. But taht possible with polyAppend!

How does it work?
Get the the number of the two edges you want to connect/bridge (simply select tem and look at the script editor history field). Note : the two edges must be border edges (because of polyAppend requirements).Then use this syntaxe : polyAppend -ed first edge number -ed second edge number meshName;

Look at the attached image to understand it better. Sure that is not really handy as it is for now… But that is a good analisys for the melscript tool I am coding.

Share your modeling coding tips! Or such as observations!

Attachment : http://www.cgtalk.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=1348793


why are you trying to model inside maya to begin with .

Maya uses the same tools as 3DS Max or any other 3d app. You need to search for a few plugins here and there, but overall everything that was made for other app could be ported to Maya or is inside Maya.

Out the box Max, Mirai, LW are more capable (not really but … ), but a tweaked Maya with plugins and custom shortcuts is about the same.


Originally posted by ambient-whisper
but its maya… tools cant save it…

stop trolling you…you…you troublemaker! :wink:


Want More Polygon Tools??


I dont get it…i work with maya and i mostly create polygon models…but i fail to see the need for more polygon modelling tools. Is’nt what we already have enough?