Wanna chose NO UV for 3D Fractal node


I m having this object that has multiple UVs that will fit to my texture. But one of the texture needs to be driven by a 3D procedure node. If I don’t have a UV in my object its perfect. Softimage can generate in 3D space. No matter I rotate I look, there has no seams. But my object has a UV for the texture. Those 3D procedure nodes (fractal, cell, etc) will automatically picked one of my texture coordinate. Then the procedural texture will have a seam.

I’ve tried Vector State and Projection look up Vector nodes but none of them doing their job to overide texture coordinate. Or I ve done something wrong. Need urgent help.

Thanks in advance


Have you tried applying another projection, a spatial projection? Use that projection for your tilable procedural, and still have the former UV textures.


Got it. Spatial works. Thank you :smiley:


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