Wanna animate complex stuff. Where to start?


I don’t know anything at all about animation, but I feel really passionate about it.
I have many original ideas that I would love to pull off but do not have the know-how to get there. For Example:

A video showing giant flying mechs fighting in mid-air in the eye of a hurricane.

I need 2 things:
1.) A place to start learning 3D animation.
2.) A program(s) that can meet my needs.

I would appreciate any pointers. Thank you and have a nice day :thumbsup:


To be honest although I’m still in the process of teaching myself as well, the where withal when it comes to rigging/animating complex stuff, similar to what you’ve focused on doing, for example wheeled vehicles, helicopters, Hawken mechs…etc, so one or three tips I’ve found, in my opinion have proved really beneficial.

First off I’d suggest starting simple, there’s a ton of online info to help get you started, I’d suggest Digital Tutors, CGCookie and the like initially, these sites in particular archive an extensive tutorial library aimed mostly at the beginner/intermediate user, then once a certain level of familiarity gained, move onto iAnimate, Animation Mentor or Gnomon Workshop for more advanced instruction, also I should point out the possible use if you so choose too, free pre-rigged stock models when following tutes as a helpful timesaver in terms of modelling an asset from scratch then also tediously rig the thing, which are typically available in .FBX/.OBJ file format from either BlendSwap, CGTrader and/or TF3DM.

As for software, personally for me it boils down to preference in my case my pipeline is essentially OSS, anyway I’d recommend browsing this top 20 app list to see what’s on offer plus another helpful I think pointer is the “Animators Survival Kit” by Richard Williams, pretty much a must have for anyone moving into animation.

Cheers :wink:

As an example here’s a complete end to end in depth DT tutorial introduction to 3DS Max 2015, in modelling, texturing, rigging, and animating a mech.


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