Wandering City


This city obeying the law of stars and the strength of wind moves through The Great Steppe.


Nice rendering and concept, Sergey!


wow, thats nice


[b]Dream Artisan! cilbo!

[/b]Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:



Mind blowing beauty…just loving everything, even the clouds!

Top notch!



very nice! reminds me of Howl’s moving castle. Did you just paint it or is there some 3D work as well?



[/b]Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment! All done in Photoshop CS2.


Very nice pic, great ambiance and great concept, very good job


Superb. I love it! Awesome atmosphere. I love the parallels between the rock formations and the city. Just excellent!



Very nice Sergey!

Great idea and well done execution! This will be one of my favorites.



MDN67! MarkyG! sectora!

Thanks a lot for your good words! I really appreciate it!


this is a good one man. the concept is cool and the execution too. one thing though: the right thing is from another picture. not detailed like the others and with a more different pattern.


Thank you for your comment! You noted right.
This city still develops. And the right building has more modern forms and construction. :slight_smile:


Very cool. This pulls alot of emotion. Nice job.


wow, that is an awsome landscape pictoral.


[b]hamburgerlar! anew3rd!

[/b]Thanks so much for your comments!


this dynamic architecture is a very nice concept and one of my favorite entry so far…keep it up sir…


i love your mobile house it remind me wild wild west !.

nice one


Beautiful rendering and awsome concept. The composition could be a bit stronger in my opinion. It seems like there is a large blank area near the center of the composition, this bothers my eye slightly. Still this is one of my favorites so far. Great work!


bravo pleasure to see this positive picture peacefull very soften for the eyes (excuse my english)