Wallace & Gromit got fashioned!


The RIGHT Trousers!

  just saw a post on cartoonbrew some days ago and feels it's nice to see the video how they make Wallace really looks so fashioned for you too!

Its an ad photograph project though! just imagine Wallace with a Giorgio Armani tie, etc etc! he is the best “model” I ever see!

always loves Aardman works style!

  [b][Video](http://mfile.akamai.com/11297/wmv/anm1.download.akamai.com/11297/video/2008/Aug08/wallace+gromit.asx)[/b] (streaming though!)

hope you like it too,



That is just so smart! The video was fun too


great post, thank you !



I totally missed any and all references to cg.How is this cg news?


no ‘cg’ but an interesting news story of how well known characters such as wallace and gromit have moved into new areas >>> fashion!


ooops! if so, then sorry! but I can’t believe if this wasn’t CG related!
I think the “CG” name (as “computer graphics” words) is abit uncovering whole things related to here then!
Just as an instance, you can post a “Hand-drawn/painted” work on showcase and even get awarded! and no one will say it’s not “CG”! :slight_smile:

probably a name like CG-Arts works better for me and this post! anyway! sorry for inconvenience!

Regards, mim,


hahha… great post. thanks.



I totally missed any and all references to cg.How is this cg news?

isnt that for the moderators to decide? Geez why so offended, its not like he linked you to a “how to make your own confetti” website. loved the article. I think this is entirely related to our art.


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