Wall, Henning Ludvigsen (2D)


Title: Wall
Name: Henning Ludvigsen
Country: Norway
Software: Photoshop

The idea for this painting has been laying inside the back of the head for quite a while, and I was basically just looking for a excuse to make it. Originally, it was ment for an art competition, but since I didn’t go there after all the painting wasn’t used for anything special.

Painted during quite a few evenings using Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. Reference used for the character.

See close-ups, step-by-step process, and get more info here!


Wow! You topped yourself again :slight_smile: The posture and skin texture is impeccable, and the details in her hair are simply stunning. I really love the sinister mood you’ve created with this lightning and palette. Truly amazing.

Can’t help but feel sorry for her though, breaking her nails like that :wink: Ouch…


Stunning Henning! By far one of your best. I’d have been so tempted to up the contrast and saturation here, but thankfully you haven’t. Great stuff! :slight_smile:


beautifulll…good lighting…good poseture and really good palette


JUST love the skin tones! I think there’s too much calm in the face… with all the bleeding I would have thought there would be more tension there buuut maybe that’s intentional :slight_smile: love it anyway!


Truly awesome! The skin are amazing!


Amazing work as always! love the saturation in this piece! 4 Stars!! :slight_smile:

Just a query, I’ve noticed in your step by step that you start your images in black and white. Does this method offer any advantage as opposed to colouring the image from the start?

Also what method do you use to convert the black and white image to colour? I assume you don’t paint over the image again using colour.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Very good job Nice dark idea and terrible shadows and skin 4* :thumbsup:


Wonderful skin tones and nice tutorial on your site.
Best wishes.


Nice painting work!


Great, Great anatomy and skin tones, good textural feel too. I think if she had a more expressive look on her face it would be even better. Good Job.


Wow…really good. One of your best pieces. Congratulations. Her shadow on the wall is really something!


I like it - sexy and terrible…


I guess this hurts, skratching wall with nails until they bleed .

I miss here legs, whole character would look nicer, on my humble opinion.

But the upper body itself is top notch from what I percept now.
Keep it up mate :thumbsup:


Really nice. Awesome work. I thought it was first photographed then manipulated. wow.
Great lighting texture and idea.
Where in Greece are you working? Which company? I’m curious…


NICE, very inspirational.


Amazing and sensual work :eek:


Ohhh…wow , Henning. I´m stunned again.:slight_smile:
That´s one of the gratest of your paintings…her skin & the hair are superb…the details are mind blowing. A real masterpiece…it will be great if you create a tutorial about the making process of this fantastic piece of art .:applause:


Wow. Anatomy and skin tones are fantastic. All around atmosphere fantastic. But I think its her blank stare that sends it over the top. NICE!


Lovely piece :slight_smile: