Wall Flicker


Heres a shot from my most recent animation. I have a problem with the lab wall flickering. The texture IS locked down.

This is an older clip I have rerendered the background with super sampling and it reduced the wall flicker though it was not eliminated. I am meating with my compositor on thurday and can post a newer clip at that time. But like I said the problem is just reduced with super sampling. Any idea how to eliminate it?


Please forgive the compression and flash frame :slight_smile:


Cant help with the wall flicker. Does this happen when you render the sequence out to targa or tiff stills, maybe its a compression thingy.

Liked the animation.
Id start the unblurr of the background from the first frame and let it go more gradually to where he leaves the table.

The professor is walking like he has enormous,… legs are too far apart.

Keep it up.


Ya the short was originaly rendered as tiffs I just compressed it to post online. Thanks for the crit. :slight_smile:


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