Wall-e got new job, Haralds Bukshs (3D)


Title: Wall-e got new job
Name: Haralds Bukshs
Country: Latvia
Software: 3ds max

After long break I finally made something
I didn’t want to make him in standart colors, so I ended up with this…
Modeled in 3ds max.


That’s great, I like the comedy of it and it is just the kind of thing his character would do. I’m a little bit concerned with the little robot flying with the syringe, I’m sure that there are some health and safety issues there!

Great stuff!


A Nurse commm on !! hihihi

i like the idea :slight_smile:

good job man

best regards.


so cute:))

good work Good Idea Good light


shouldn’t he get a new name? like Med-E or something? XD jk

great work :thumbsup:


Awesome job!
Loved the idea, the lighting and the cute robot up there :wink:


looking really nice


vow, amazing and funny. well done.


nicely done :slight_smile:


He he very nice… Thats cute! I like his new look! Great work there! Thumbs up!

shouldn’t he get a new name? like Med-E or something? XD jk

lol great new name!


WOW, great rendering!
I would like to see a Robot Nurse in the background…


I like it, I like it all.
There’s one little thing that caught my attention though… the structure of the container of his eyes, I don’t know the exact name to it, but it seems a bit off place. I mean, I don’t know if you were trying to remake the exact character, but I think that it should be worked on a little bit more… just my opinion, otherwise, great job man, keep it up!


Very good work, nice idea and funny…:applause:


wow amazing work is real & very good modeling by wall-e 100%

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:

i vote 4 u


Great and funny ! :applause:


very good idea…ur creativity is good…keep it up…its very nice and funny as everyone said…i miised eve here…lol


This is great!
Well done buddy! :wink:


amazing! i like it!


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