Wall destruktion on live footage


Please help me or guide me.
I have this scene i have been trying to setup for long while.
I am using Cinema 4D R18.
Basiclly I have a footage of the basment, where i PAN around the scene/room, then i focus on the wall for like 3 sec, then i pan down again.
I have matchmoved/3D tracked this and that part works perfect.
What i want to achieve here is, when filming the wall for those 3 sec, i want the middle part of the wall to break, fall down in big chunks. As if a superhero behind the wall ran his fist through the wall.
How do i accomplish this?

I see a lot of ground break tutorials, but most of them are created with 3D max or Maya.
Take a look at this link from videocopilot, this ground break, crack is really something i would like to achieve, but just on the wall.
Also see the attached images



I am thinking with the new Voronia fracture, this would be the way to go. If i created a full CGI wall then it would be easy as well, but here in my live footage, there is alrready a wall, how do i go around this? I mean it is 3D tracked, how to appli destruction to part of the wall, and also how to put the texture/material from the footage to the breaking parts?
In after effect i can mask out a hole in the wall, right…
Really looking forward to hear from you

Best regards HRB


Your CC links don’t work … but, the meteor tut on VC should work for what you want.


there is a wall destruction tutorial in cineversity