Walks In & Throws Stuff Around ...


Hello? I’m looking for my animators. Has anybody seen them?
We got a project to finish here …

Bueller … Bueller … anyone? :banghead:


I’ve been PMing to no avail…:sad: Maybe we should call an emergency MSN meeting?


I’m still here…i’ve been working it inbetween a few things…i’ll have something to show tomorrow at the latest.


the TD steps into the room

alright, what’s goin on here huh?!

slackers! get to work!

what’s left to be done?


What’s left to be done?

Well, we were moving along just fine until it was all turned over to the animators to begin work. We have about 1/3rd of the scenes in animation blocking. Except for Tharrell and Remi, I have not seen any other animators working on scenes.

I’d like to know what’s going on. Is there something else that the animators need? Who the remaining animators are (we had some drops in various threads but I wish they’d all post in the current needs thread so I can make a note of it).

How’s the texture and lighting tests coming along? Haven’t heard anything there lately either.

I’m at a loss … :shrug:


so we have an animation team that has gone MIA…



Pre-Siggraph crunch time… maybe?


Ouch Kirt, that pen just hit me in the head…

If you wish, I could start to look at compiling the web design I made into html (or flash if you prefer) ready for when things are finished? I think that’s really all I can do for the time being. I am guessing that this could be hosted by cgsociety and it would have a sub link through that.


Yes, we have plenty of webspace available to us from CGSociety. Let me know when you have pages ready to upload and I’ll pass along the FTP info.


Just popped back in here to see how things were going… shame to see we cant keep hold of animators at the moment it might be time to do a call out for more i guess…

Any hope this all gets back on track…

Keep the faith…


I’m awake, I’m awake. Time to get back to work.

I can jump back on the texturing. I still have my 8000x4000 original that I’ve never posted. The walls and floor on the grey side is what I was working on.

The orange texture looks really cool when it’s rendered out.


hello Kirt and team

Dropped in to see how things were coming along. Kind of surprised to see the project stalling, you guys were so organized it was all a bit intimidating.
If it’s any consolation, we usually have summer drought on our collab team too, so you probably just have a short term slowdown happening. :thumbsup:


I PMd Paperclip about me dropping out, what with the rigging issues of orange and one of my bosses being fired at work and me having to step up and clean up the mess left behind, as well as do my original job I just cant spend the time I need to now… sorry :confused:


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