Walking at night, Ivan Rojo (3D)


Title: Walking at night
Name: Ivan Rojo
Country: Mexico
Software: Blender, Photoshop

A 3d Shot based in an animal park in Monterrey Mexico. 3d was created in blender and the scene in photoshop with matte painging technique. Many thanks to Eugenio Garcia and Alejandro Tello by to Retouch my final comp


Congratulations¡¡, excellent mood and characters :slight_smile: id like to be there


freakin awesome :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


I think it would look really cool if the trees’ style matched the characters’ and general style you’ve gone for, cause realistic trees don’t really fit in my opinion. Also, the eyes are a bit too flat white, you can’t really tell their shape, especially on the frog. The frog also looks a bit plasticy, try having (more) translucency and less specular. Other than that nice mood!


Artecnl. I would like to be there too :smiley: thanks Man!

TheKrakan. heheh Thanks a lot, I like your enthusiasm thanks again!

catche. Thanks for your coments, I wanted a contrast in the style and a shot in a beautiful night like that, i understand that you try to explain to me but really I want a realistic night, In the shaders I think that you can be right, the eyes :smiley: yeap we need some grays there!

I will try to do some corrections and repost here. Thanks Guys! :smiley:


Nice one.
I like the slim frog :slight_smile:


the characters looks are fantastic, but the most problem is the background! specially the trees! that could be fantasy, as like as your characters !

good luck :slight_smile:


very cute, i like it!


Thanks guys I will do my best try!



Positive work. :applause:


i want it in a poster¡¡


Nice characters. I do think it would be better with a matching background style, but I get what you were going for. Nice job.


Poster Poster Poster Poster!!!

Aelirenn: thanks!!! >D


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