walkcycle: orange guy


Hi :slight_smile:

here is my walk cycle so far for my orange guy character.
Im trying hard to get the feet and legs looking smooth esp on the heel lift.
At the moment theres very little emotion in the walk just looking to get the basics first.

walk perspective 700kb
walk front 700kb
walk side 700kb
walk top 700kb

[color=white]any crits and comments would be really appriciated :)[/color]


form what i can see not too much more is needed if anything , i would suggest a little more overlap in the upper torso back an forth maybe side to side


Hi,its very nice!


Looks good. Nice and smooth. There could be a little more upper body twist. It might add a little more characte to the motion. I don’t know if thats what you want, but it couldnt hurt.


I think the torso is too far back…maybe translate it a bit forward. This may affect the straight line of the forward leg though.


On second look, maybe not. The torso may be fine. However I do agree that you need more overlap and follow through on the arms. The chest should counterrotate with the hips.


For as much as his arms swing, its killing me to not see the arms bend a little bit. They appear to be very heavy and are just pendulum like. But great cycle, however. :slight_smile:


looks good, nice flow


Its a good basic walk cycle, but,

If his attitute is supposed to be chilled it works, obviously an emotion can strongly effect a walk. Eg. and angry person may step up slowly but bring their foot down faster. You should think of an emotion and find the rythm for the walk. Someone told me to use musical beats to get this which works quite well.

Once you get the rythm of the walk then clean up the actions. Its no good having a walk unless it is conveying what you want. And as a character animator you would want to prove you can show emotions clearly.

I would agree with everyone elses comments you need a little more shoulder movement - usually opposite to the hips. Rotate the hips a fraction more, and get a bit more drag on the arms. (even if the arms look like they are broken it doesn’t matter you won’t notice it)

For a great reference on walk cycles I recommend you get The Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams. It is fantastic for all types of animator.

Hope that helped.


Hey thanks for the replies guys your crits are very much appriciated :slight_smile:

Heres an update on the walkcycle 1.2mb

T.L.Caroopy: hey thanks for the comments and feedback, I have the Animators survival kit, i agree its a pretty cool book. :slight_smile:


EDIT: Updated the arms after Horns_1 comments :slight_smile:


I like how he is now starting to display an attitude, he looks calm and laid back, don’t know if that was what you were going for. Some thing bothers me about his arms on hid back swing there’s a point where they look like his joints are bending the wrong way. It makes them look like they float and are too flexible. Other than that i like it.

my $.02


i think its ard to see whats changed since the camera is constantly moving - use a static view so it is easier to see whats going on-
i would add more weight movment to the hips - really put weight in when he shifts from one foot to the other



Ok here is a side, front and perspective view :slight_smile:


What has changed since the orginal post is the rotations on the shoulders and hips have been pushed more and the arms have been reworked so they dont appear so pendilum like.


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