WalkCycle: awaiting emotion


Hey everyone!
Here’s a wip walkcycle about an hr’s worth of work so far, only did the up’s and down’s but still needs some emotion! I’ll finish it off tommorow morning so let me know what I could add and see the progress! I’ll render it and throw in on my “fresh” website http://www.mattvogt.com
Oh by the way it’s quicktime & any critiques or suggestions greatly appreciated!
(Used Genri my favorite practice puppet)


His eyes are creeping me out. Please don’t make him look at the camera like that, it’s scary. :surprised

As for the walk, it looks somewhat awkward and mechanical. The main problem is that the highest point for the hips (the “up”) should be a frame or two after the passing position. Your “up” is hitting on the heel contact, and your down seems to be on the passing position. This is wrong. Also, get his arms going because they don’t seem to be animated at all. By the way, I wouldn’t be concerned about emotion until you are comfortable with the technical aspects of the action you are trying to create.

The best advice I could give you is to check out either Preston Blair’s Cartoon Animation or Richard Williams’ The Animator’s Survival Kit. Both of these books have tons of information and detailed examples about animating all kinds of actions. Williams’ book is especially thorough on walk cycles, there’s probably 100 or more (although I haven’t counted). These are must-have references for animators of all levels. Down the road, you should also consider trying to get your hands on The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson. It may be out of print, but check out ebay. Good luck.


eyes are creeping me out./(the “up”) should be a frame or two after the passing position./get his arms going because they don’t seem to be animated at all.
Thank you Greg I took what you mentioned in consideration and fixed it!

Although it still could use some work; I’m willing to give it all I got!


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