Walk/run cycles..


Does anyone know if ther is some good tutorials on making walk and run cycles with different kinda attitudes ??
Itd be great if they are video tutorials. Some notes on making them will work too…
Thanx guys


I second that motion… I myself am having trouble getting down a fluid walking/marching cycle for battle droids… Need some running ones too.


There is quite many of those video tutorials. Not sure if there’s any animation tutorials tho’ but they are updating the site quite often. There are also some paid tutorials too if you want to pay… I think not. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, i check 3d palace and other video tutorials too but they are all related with the technical stuff.
I could not find any with telling about showing up the animation principles or making cycles of different attitudes. Do i have to rely on 2d animation books ?? Isint any resourse to learn doing it in 3d ??
Like squash stretch, anticipation etc etc ??


A book.

“The Animator’s Survival Kit”
by Richard Williams


I seccond that. One of the best books I’ve invested in. Fully covers walk cycles as well as many other aspects important to animation.



Hey… i’ve got that book - Animators Servival Kit and its a gr8 book…
But is ther any resource to tell how to do that better with character studio or motion builder or bone system ??
With techy tips n methods ??


Some good walkcycle principles here:




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